What’s The Difference Between Mobile SEO and App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization is widely regarded as SEO for apps. However, the truth is that Mobile SEO and ASO are very different entities. While SEO helps drive traffic to websites, ASO is crucial for boosting user engagement in the App Store.

At Gummicube, we understand that users search differently in the App Store than they do on Google or other search engines. That’s why we created our proprietary App Store Analytics software to optimize our clients’ app marketing endeavors. By focusing on ASO, you can increase your visibility to users and, ultimately, boost sales for your product.

What's The Difference Between Mobile SEO and App Store Optimization (ASO)?

SEO Versus ASO

One of the biggest differences between SEO and ASO is the importance of back-linking. While Google uses off-page backlinks to determine a site’s position, Apple doesn’t consider any outside factors when ranking apps in the App Store. Instead, app store ranking is determined by on-page factors such as keywords, user ratings, and reviews. As a result, developers who fail to optimize their app store listings are much less likely to find customers for their products.

Additionally, ASO takes into account the fact that users behave different in the various app stores than they do on Google. Because keyword search trends change with the seasons, it’s important to update the terms you’re targeting on a regular basis. At Gummicube, we utilize proprietary App Store Intelligence technology, along with exclusive data, to help mobile marketers select the best keywords for their apps.Further, word-of-mouth referrals have a significant effect on the apps users choose to download. That’s why it’s important to participate in app focus group testing and encourage users to leave ratings and reviews.

With half of all users finding new apps via app store searches, optimizing mobile listings is more important than ever. By employing tried-and-true ASO techniques—and not just the old SEO methods—mobile developers can give their apps the best chance of success.

Trust Gumicube with Your App Store Optimization

At Gummicube, we recognize that gathering accurate mobile data is a crucial part of building a successful app store campaign. That’s why we spent years collecting proprietary data about how App Store users search for products. Our goal is to do everything possible to maximize visibility for your app. Check out our blog for more app marketing tips and then contact us to launch your next campaign.