How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Business

Facebook is a huge social network. There are today more than 850 million users and if it is true that most of them are on Facebook to stay in touch with his tribe, its people, its social network, it is also true that many businesses are taking advantage of Facebook platform for, in a first step, develop a more intimate relationship with his followers, with their potential buyers and in step 2, make more sales.

How a small business can take advantage of Facebook to grow your business project with a strategy of efficient social marketing?

How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Business

Here is a special guide to Facebook for small businesses.

Everything Starts with a Fan Page

I think like everything else, use Facebook to small business means having a content strategy already defined. The 1st step in a business is riding a Fan page, because this is the type of page that recommends Facebook for business.

Then for every one have your profile to private management of your contacts side, but for all that is your business, the right step is to assemble a Fan page. It is very easy: you can visit directly into Facebook Page and hence can register a Fan page.

A Landing Page as the Gateway to the First Interaction

When people get a wall in which there are many comments, many contents, is a little lost and do not know quite what to do. So instead of getting directly to the wall the new views – people who are not a fan of yours – you can also create a Landing page and mark it as default page.

In this case, the views of people who are not fans of yours will end on your Landing page, a page specifically designed for user fan is made before starting uan relationship with your online presence on Facebook. The idea is to improve the first contact that may have future fans with your business.

What Type of Content Used in Facebook?

Basically, the first thing you have to do is to report new posts you posted on your blog. Do it manually, creating your own updates a few times a week, depending on how you defined your blog editorial calendar. You can also ask questions which is very good to get feedback from your fans.

How Many Times a Day you have to do?

All you want … usually you realize that the more active you are on Facebook, the more you usually get this network benefit. Nor is it to become a spammer all depends on your ability to add value.

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