How to save money on an essay order?

You want your work to be done by a professional, but you do not want to pay consultancy prices. This leaves you with two options: you may give your work to a friend that may let you down or be unable to complete it; or you give your work to a good essay writing service. With all things in life, there is a way to get it done cheaper without compromising quality. Here are the five hottest tips you will not find anywhere else.

1 – Make your order as soon as you can

This is the number one tip because it is the most prominent way to save a serious amount of money on your order. There are few writers on this planet that are going to write to a short deadline without a lot of compensation.

If you get your essay in to the essay writing service as soon as you are given it, you can set a long, even a very long, deadline for which the company will charge you far less money.

Longer deadlines take the pressure off writers, plus they do not have to worry about filling up their schedule in the same way they have to with shorter deadline pieces. Plus, a writer can leisurely spend more time on the piece without being hurried. Longer deadlines will almost always mean you pay less money.

2 – Do some of the work yourself

There are some students that hand off their work to essay writing services because they take a look at it and think they cannot do it. The truth is that many students could add significant value to their own work, but they pass it off too quickly.

Actually sit down and take a little time to read the questions and look online what other people say. You may know more about the subject than you think. Even if you only write the introduction or the outline, it may save you the cost of an extra page that you could have written yourself.

3 – Pick a good essay writing service that doesn’t overcharge

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the truth is you cannot know which companies overcharge until you have looked at a few of them. You need to research into a few writing services before you can genuinely know if one company is overcharging for some reason.

Do not be fooled into thinking that just because a company has very high prices that they must somehow be better or more honest. Prices could be set in sucha way because of the quality of the product on offer, but common sense should tell you that this is not always the case. Some companies just want more money.

Research into a few different essay-writing services, get quotes from different services, apply their discounts, and see if one company vastly over-quotes for your work. In that case, you can safely say that the company in question is overcharging.

On a similar note, if you get a few quotes and find that one company is viciously undercharging for your work, look upon it with suspicion. Are they hiding charges? Are they planning to cheat you? Are they claiming to use degree-holders when they are just using desperate students? Use your common sense in these matters.

4 – Do not pick higher quality bands when lower will do

Some students think that if they pick the highest quality band with an essay writing service then they cannot go wrong, but they are making a silly mistake. If you have been struggling recently to score above average, then what is your professor going to think if you then turn in a top scoring essay?

If you are not struggling and you genuinely need and want a high-scoring essay to keep your grade-point average up (or whatever scoring system is used in your college/university), then by all means order an essay and apply a more expensive higher-quality band to it to ensure you get top marks. Otherwise, the standard quality band will suffice and will save you money.

5 – Use company discounts and coupon codes

There are so many students that get quotes from essay writing companies and never bother to look for discount codes or coupon codes. What is more distressing is the fact there are sometimes discount codes on the essay writing service’s website itself and the student is so overzealoustrying to order the work that they do not see or apply them to their order. There are many essay-writing services that offer very good first time and frequent-user discounts. Take some time to do a little research into their discount and coupon codes and you could save a lot of money.