Going Green In IT Saves Energy And The Green In Your Wallet

Green IT (information technology) activity may sound like a misnomer, but it is actually quite simple to understand. The basic idea is that going green in IT involves building an IT infrastructure that uses fewer resources and less energy. Not only does this entail taking advantage of computers that save energy, it also involves the energy required for cooling solutions and other similar concerns.

Data center racks, desktops and servers all require significant amounts of power, so finding ways to be energy efficient saves businesses money and helps reduce energy waste at the same time.

Energy (and Cost) Saving IT Methods 

Energy reduction and cost savings go hand in hand, so going green in IT is a wise strategy for any business. For starters, when building a physical infrastructure, you should look to build an IT infrastructure that uses efficient power systems and components. In practical terms, this means investing in technology that reduces emissions while also allowing your servers to operate towards the higher end of their rated capacity.

Another option is virtualization, which is the act of moving physical servers to virtual ones. This process increases energy efficiency and reduces the need for a physical infrastructure that demands more energy, space and resources. No matter which option you choose, you will be saving energy, which also means saving resources and money for your business.

Green Data Center Power and Cooling Techniques 

A green data center is one of the best ways to save power, and it can be done in a surprisingly cost effective way. IT managers that want to implement this solution should take advantage of energy management software. This software will provide energy consumption adjustments within the data center based on insights gleaned from operating temperature patterns. With the use of this software, data can be analyzed for an individual server rack, row or even the entire server room, and you can pick up key insights regarding various service levels and workloads.

Additionally, there are several great cooling techniques that you can implement for your data center. One technique would be to take advantage of a tower purification system that saves water, money and prevents pollution at the same time. Another cooling tactic that pays off involves implementing an aisle row design, which segregates hot and cold air in order to enhance energy efficiency across your data center’s infrastructure.

Solar Powered Data Centers Are Also a Viable Option 

Another cutting-edge solution for going green is making a solar powered data center. This technology requires a large budget, but solar powered data centers just might be the green IT solution of the future. In order to use solar power, your data center must be comprised of photovoltaic (PV) panels, and many forward thinking companies such as Google and IBM have made the transition to solar power with a great deal of success.

Whether your business is ready to take the expensive solar powered plunge or would prefer some of the more cost-effective green solutions, the benefits of green IT are clear and apparent. By making the transition to green IT, your business will save money and help the environment now and in the years to come.

Katrina is a product specialist for RackSolutions, the market leader for designing and manufacturing custom racking products for the IT industry! You can read more about our company here.