App Marketing 101: Keeping Your App Relevant With Updates

With the App Store featuring more than a million apps for users to download, mobile developers have to work hard to stand out from the competition. A trailblazer in the field of app marketing, Gummicube recognizes that periodic updates are crucial for keeping your apps relevant in the eyes of users. That’s why we spent years gathering accurate mobile data and studying the various ways in which users search for apps in the App Store. By working with Gummicube, app developers can better determine which changes and additions will yield the best end results among their audiences.

App Marketing 101: Keeping Your App Relevant With Updates

Superior App Analytics

Reviewing real App Store data enables mobile developers to achieve a better understanding of their users. In the long run, this knowledge allows them to predict behavior more accurately and translates to increased sales for their products.

At Gummicube, we utilize our proprietary DATACUBE Analytics tool to eliminate the guesswork from mobile marketing. Along with measuring demand for a given product, we help marketers assess which app features matter most to their users. Once you’ve gathered the requisite data, you can decide which changes and updates are essential for enhancing your product’s desirability in the App Store. Similarly, you can determine if some features aren’t worth your time and should be removed from the next version.

Extensive User Testing

Along with our proprietary App Store data, Gummicube offers clients access to its App Focus Group Service. Our community of users is genuinely interested in trying out new apps and can help mobile developers test titles, keywords, descriptions and screenshots. Not only does testing enable you to optimize your listing in the app store, but it also provides invaluable information about user likes and dislikes. You can use this insight to update current apps and ultimately direct future mobile development.

Gummicube Helps App Developers Stay Relevant

Having accurate, up-to-the-minute data ensures your mobile app will continue to best its competitors in the coming years. A leader in app store optimization, Gummicube takes a full-service approach to marketing your app. Along with making recommendations based on our proprietary data, we offer clients access to our unique App Focus Group Service. By testing your titles, descriptions, screenshots, and icons, you can gain insight into user preferences and trends and tailor your future updates accordingly. For more information, call today or contact us online to start optimizing your app.