3 Ways To Use Humor To Get More Customers

Would you like to laugh? Guess what: your customers too. And since these people face every day at a constant barrage of post on Facebook, tweets, YouTube video and emails, make your funny marketing can capture their attention.

You do not need a big budget to add a little levity … all you need is a sense of humor. And small businesses have an advantage over large corporations. It is easier for small businesses to have ideas unusual.

The customer services could say many things, one is a truism but perhaps for being so obvious many left out: the customer is a key point of a business and often leaves hand people with little tact and temper.

Remember that few customers complain directly, giving you the chance to solve a problem. Most unhappy people do not take the job but says his bad experience with at least 7 other people, hurting, so the perception of your brand.

3 Ways To Use Humor To Get More Customers

Humor is a major key in life to achieve success, also in the business world. That humor is part of the brand personality can be a good thing to create a closer relationship with customers.

Social networks have become an excellent channel to connect with consumers, interact with them and build a good brand image, so use humor in this context can be as lucrative as long as you know how to apply so appropriate.

Small and medium enterprises have a higher flexibility in their marketing activities that corporations will never grade. That does not mean that SMEs have to remove directives brand, but may use a different kind of “mood “to convey your message.

Once analyze its activities, products and target audience have to decide if your brand is a good candidate to get closer to their customers using humor. If you have already proven to be ideal for this, we offer three great ways to get attention and dissemination using comic key:

  1. Have fun with your followers must take seriously the complaints and questions from consumers, but can also afford to joke with them at appropriate times.
  2. Tell a story: a funny story is an excellent way to get the attention of consumers.
  3. Who dares, wins (but be careful): sometimes you have to surprise the consumer with something risky to try to awaken their humorous side, but we must also always be respectful and try not to hurt anyone’s feelings with a campaign too crude.

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