Inovation From Burkert – Micro Valve Type 6712

The Burkert has developed a new micro valve in order to facilitate controlled fluid dispensation and absorption in medical research. The new micro-valve is ideal for application in lab environments due to a number of reasons. In this article we take a look at the advantages that this new invention presents us with.

Benefits and Features of the Micro Valve

1. Dimensions: The micro valve has a width of 7mm with a height of 26 mm. The width makes it perfect for 9 mm titre plates and ensures that the device fits in miniature apparatus. In the case of dispensing arms, pipetting arms and dosing robots, the low weight of the micro valve is particularly useful.

2. Low Noise Production: The new micro valve is christened the WhisperValve with good reason. The product is has a separated 2/2 way valve. The non-impact actuator controls the liquid flow quietly. In fact, the entire device is designed to operate below 36 dB. The normal noise of a solenoid valve that occurs due to the action of metal on metal is minimised in the WhisperValve. This makes it advantageous not only to the lab employee but also to the patient as it makes for a more peaceful work environment.

3. Ideal Flushing Properties: There are a number of mechanisms in place to ensure that the flushing properties are kept optimal. These are:

· A minimal internal volume including that of the valve flange (flange standards) increases the precision of flushing power and force.

· There is minimal accumulation of air bubbles that is usually associated with smaller valves. The optimal size of the WhisperValve ensures that there is no incidence of poor flushability.

· As compared to similar sized valves, the pressure range that the Type 6712 valve works with is significantly high. The device operates at 3 bar (0.3 MPa) during switching and 8 bar (0.8 MPa) during the flushing process of the open valve.

4. Increased Power Density: Due to the significant increase in the pressure range as mentioned above, the Type 6712 is the perfect option for researchers today. The reason is a corresponding increase in the demand for high dosing precision as well as exact flow rates. On both counts, the fact that the smaller 6712 can switch to a high pressure operation makes it a perfect investment for diagnostic facilities.

5. Low Power Consumption: For both switching and holding, the device uses less than 1 W thereby making it energy and cost effective.

Overall Observations: The Burkert manufactured model is one that is perfect in terms of speed, efficiency, acoustics, volume and maintenance.