How To Create A Marketing Strategy That Works

The problem with marketing is being able to create a marketing strategy that really works. Stop wasting your marketing budget! It happened to all of us once we open a new account on a social network, care booklets without really thinking about how we will use and how those actions fit in our marketing plan. Then we wonder we do wrong …

The problem is that if we create marketing communications and also we engage in activities without a plan previously, can very well be throwing our money out the window. Of course with so many activities you can reach your potential customer but is almost always by accident. In contrast with a marketing strategy based on branding, you have a much higher success rate and a much better return on your investment.

Then you need to do is create a marketing strategy and a marketing plan you can actually put into action, confident that you invest your money and get a good return for your efforts.

How To Create A Marketing Strategy That Works

These are the 5 key tips I give to my clients:

  1. Know what you do

I know it sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many companies can not communicate clearly what they do, who they do and why. So my recommendation is you employ the time to be clear exactly what the service that your company offers to its customers, the problem solved them and how to improve their lives.

  1. Know who your target customers

Again, it is obvious, but it is not always an easy question to answer, especially if you are in a business that could apply to anyone in any sector. Say you’re a / a graphic designer – the service can help any business. That’s fine, but does not help you resolve who is the target audience, with which you have the greatest chance of making a sale.

  1. Know where to find these goals clients

This is not easy, but if you can understand point 2, and you know who they are targeting, then you’re already halfway there. You will probably have to do some research, unless you are really lucky, you have an obvious way to reach those target customers. If you sell coffee from a mobile van then an obvious place to find customers place is the train station from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.. But if you sell graphic design or art coaching is not so easy to see where are your ideal clients.

  1. Know what you stand for and how are you different from the competition

If you have not managed to resolve this point, let the marketing plan on hold until you can solve it.

The best part of my job is to help clients understand what is remarkable about your business and use it to position itself in the market. No matter how difficult it can be to find your brand identity, have a unique set of skills, experience, values, personality, approach and a particular way of doing things that no other company has.

  1. Know what you do best marketing focuses on your strengths

If you receive a weight for each client you said “have to make a blog” would surely be a rich woman. Let’s clarify this – if you want to build and grow your business authentically, and you hate to write, there is no way to start a blog.

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