4 Things We Would Like To See In The Next Generation Of Samsung Galaxy S7

There is no doubt that galaxy S4 was a step up from S4 but consumers have huge expectations from the South Korean company. There were still plenty of things lacking in galaxy S5 and now people want to see them in the next generation of the galaxy S series.   S5 got a relatively muted response; it will be better if the company will pay little attention to the demands of the consumers. Here are few things, which people would like to see in the GalaxyS7.

1. A 4K Display

It is true that it is not easy to satisfy the needs of the modern day customers and 1080p is not going to impress them anymore. 4K televisions are already available in the market and according to the rumors Korean company is also working on 2K and 4K displays for their Smartphone. It was surprising to see 2560×1440 pixel resolution in the S6 generation, but 4K QHD display is not yet ready for the prime time yet. Anything less than is really going to disappoint the customers as they are sick of the fat pixels. And Samsung should also make sure that this feature does not hurt the battery, as customers are already tired of small battery life of Samsung Smartphone. Thus people would like to see a 2K display in the next generation of Samsung galaxy S series.

2. Flexible Design

We have seen amazing gadgets in the Hollywood movies and definitely every gadget freak wants similar gadgets in their daily lives as well. Samsung is also having a folding type prototype. Failing that, bendy and squidy phone that can easily take all sorts of damages will be great. Customers want something fresh and unique now and squeezy controls could bring a fresh feel among the customers. But customers know what to expect and at very least they desire for great durability and flexibility and also a new possible shape and it should also be better than the previous generations

4 Things We Would Like To See In The Next Generation Of Samsung Galaxy S7

3. An End to Bloatware

No one wants similar things such as a branded app of Samsung that is similar to Google app. People also expect a device having 16 GB and ten GS free. The days where android was ready, Touch wiz and rough that added value are really gone.

Android is delicious and smooth and kitkat needs no sort of embellishments but it’s time to tone a little bit. People want an option of uninstalling S app that is quite simple

4. A Decent Pair of Speakerphone

On S5 there is just one speaker. With HTC we can clearly see the benefits of the dual front facing speakers. Sony also heard it and incorporated Z2 in their phones. Screens of the galaxy series are big enough so how about bringing a sound quality because those will double the movie watching experiences with friends. A good stereo set is must in Galaxy S7.

These are the few things people would like to see in the next generation of S series. These features are going to be welcomed by people happily.

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