Why Networking Is Essential?

It’s important for us to set aside a specific amount of time each week for proper networking. It is essential for us to maintain more established relationships and develop new ones, both outside and inside the company where we work. It is also important to leverage our personal and professional contacts when the requirement arises. We should block specific days in our calendar typically for networking activities, each week, month and year. Many people have been laid off after working in companies for decades.

They may start as an entry-level employee and they discovered that they worked with people with nearly similar background and education. But eventually, they find that other employees are better networked and they could achieve much better positions.

Why Networking is Essential

Without doubt, this story should prove that we need to keep proper networking capability in both good and bad economic times. We could update our success by promoting ourselves through good networking. As an example, we could convey t others that we are ready for a greater level of responsibility. So once, again, it is important to block out specific time in our calendar for only networking activities. We should do this for the duration of our career.

But before we start networking, we need to as who are responsible for managing our career. Depending on our company, these people may include human resources executives, career consultants, recruiters and direct supervisors. Under different circumstance and at different times, there could be different people who could really affect our career.

In fact, there’s a possibility that none of those people have contribution in ensuring the growth of our career. But in most companies, the human resources department has a lot of says in the career “pathing” and leadership development. So, it is important for us to ensure good relationships with human resources staff. It doesn’t matter if we are entering a career program set up by the best coaches in the world, if we our bosses don’t like things that we do.

On the other hand, our bosses could have big plans for us if we are able to work properly and on target. Networking is essential, but we also need to have glowing praises at all performance reviews. The bottom line is that our career advancement depends on us, not our boss or human resources staff. We hold the key to our future and career.

We have a lot of contribution in our own career security and much of the responsibility is on our shoulders. It actually feels quite liberating to know that we have so much control over the success of our career, but it also means that we need to work really hard to achieve those things. There are many ways we could do to improve our career and we should look inside the company on things that we need to improve.

Each company has its own standards, so it is a bad idea to do things that are less appreciated by the company. Employees should work hard to provide more contributions for the company.

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