Top 5 Free Card Games For Your Android Phone

Who doesn’t love card games, but playing them over the internet is more fun. Mobile games have awesome graphics and lovely flash interfaces that keep you absorbed. Now there are many great websites to play browser based online casino games, but we know you cannot stay away from Android. So, here are some dashing card games trending on Android.

UNO and Friends

Here comes another blaster from your favorite developer, Gameloft. If you are among the free players who won’t pay for UNO, UNO and Friends is the next best thing. It is the cutest and the most thrilling car game. You can play it with your friends or connect to your Facebook account and join thousands with others in an online mobile gaming community. What we like the most about UNO is that it is easy to learn and rejoice to play. The game renders a very cool visual design with lovely cartoony effects. If you have not been checking online listings or recommended games, try this for once and enjoy the awesome card game experience.

Governor of poker 2 – Holdem

One of the top-line poker games you will find on the Android Marketplace. Enjoy the multiplayer RPG game or play it offline, either way you it will not disappoint you. It comes with a brief tutorial if you are completely new to poker.Once you have acquired certain level of skills, you can give a hard time to other players and win more poker chips. It definitely takes thinking too, so over time you would be looking for more intelligent challengers, as you also improve. You can use the chips to buy house, buy poker assets, win transportation and beat over eighty power players including the new Governor of Poker as you go up against tougher AI stages. Whatever you do, play fair because no tricks are allowed here.

Phase 10

Magmic Inc. brings you the official Phase 10 game with an elegant design, sweet characters and enchanting menus. Get involved in the online fan club and compete with thousands of masterminds in this online multiplayer extravaganza. Master the champion card game and choose betwixt nine different opponents and three difficulty levels, as you level up. And of course, the download is completely free.


Remember the classic game from childhood you used to play on Windows XP? Well, the traditional classic game is now available on your touchscreen mobile phone. Solitaire by MobilityWare is the top grossing game on Android and iPhone. The interface is simple yet very attractive. Re-orientation is not aproblem, it adjusts to both portrait and landscape by tilting.


Blackjack, created by Brainium,tops Android phone games and there is a good reason why; No in-App Purchases! You would know better if all those tiresome conditions to have this or that stops your progress in most of the games that have such strings attached. The interface is delightedly soft and sober without fancy effects, so you can concentrate more on the game rather than its shiny prospects. The deck transition animations give you the opportunity to improve your card counting skills just like any real game. Play the game yourself to know it is a Big Deal.

There you go, get card games on your android phone and have fun. Stay tuned for more listings.