Samsung Galaxy Tab S: An Amazing Compact Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung Galaxy Tab S an amazing tablets to give the maximum output in the compact body. Samsung manages to give you best it can manage in that design.

The processor while not the best known is consolidated Samsung Exynos 5 in Tab S. Furthermore there is also another version running with Snapdragon 800 with all the guarantees to offer best performance, consolidated in 2014 year in high-end as one of the best. In the test like Antutu where it got scores of more than 36,000 points, so you can imagine Samsung spend well on performance of this tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: An Amazing Compact Tablet

Leaving a running excellent application in the background or multitasking is a major facet of Samsung devices and in this case there is no exception. This way of working is spreading among all other manufacturers, but Samsung has always taken the lead especially when using the device with dual screen mode. When running applications always have a quick response in any situation, the most common applications and are therefore the most used quickly respond to keystrokes. The delay does not exist, or at least we have not detected in any situation, which makes the experience as fantastic.

Also in games Samsung Galaxy Tab S has an excellent response, leisure time playing titles like Asphalt, Fifa etc., are of better than we’ve had in any other Android tablet. The fluidity of the game is evident and this affects is very comfortable when running these applications.

What we can tell you that one of the best screens is present in this Tablet. The colors are “more colors” is awesome and Samsung’s work in this regard not only in the Tab S and we have enjoyed the benefits of SUPER AMOLED screen on different devices. Simply spectacular on screen that makes the difference and shows a clear evolution of Samsung screens rating. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was a magnificent device with a spectacular display; the Galaxy Tab S is undoubtedly the best of their catalog.

In the section of battery, where the Tablet falters us, we will go clarifying before you think that this is a bad device. Battery life is approximately 7 hours of use, said that the device has a good range, but is at a disadvantage with other devices, in fact there are many who exceed this branded tablet. This is the sacrifice we paid at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S to have a slim design and light weight, but devices like the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 also achieve these goals with capacities greater batteries, in the case of Samsung have 4800 mAh capacity while the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 have 6000 mAh battery which will give a few more hours of battery life.

There is whole new range of accessories that are available for the new Galaxy Tab S. Moreover, Samsung has same plans with the upcoming upgraded family tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5. Also, HTC is bringing something similar but in the phablet range, and next phablet from HTC is going to be HTC One M10.