Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Most High-End Android Phablet

The concept of the Galaxy Note, a high-end smartphone with digitizer, remains unique and Samsung implements it well. But the device cannot use the additional performance Snapdragon 805. However, the Note 4 probably has the best smartphone display, bright and also convince with its design.

 The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest flagship smartphone stylus update with Korean manufacturers. Along with the current processor Snapdragon 805 there is also a higher-resolution display with increased pixel density. Samsung but also improved the quality of construction and use a metal frame for the first time, so the device is not only an improvement in terms of performance but also for materials. The S-Pen has also changed and is now supposed to have more pressure levels. Only USB is a step back. This time it only supports standard 2.0 when the Note 3 still carried a USB 3.0 port.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Most High-End Android Phablet

 Currently there are many devices that can keep up with the Galaxy Note 4 in terms of specifications. Samsung remains the only manufacturer to offer such high-end smartphones with additional digitizers. None of the rivals has digitizer, but otherwise are the most powerful devices on the market. The list includes LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The casing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is somewhat thinner now but is also longer to change. Despite the large screen 5.7″, the device handles well and is not too heavy with 176 grams. The slightly greater weight is relative to Note 3 (168 grams) probably due to the metal frame. However, the latter is much improved quality smartphone, so we have no objection to a couple of grams. The build quality is at a high level. The holes are homogeneous, but the gap between the display glass and metal frame could be something minor. Some scenarios hollow-gate show you could insert thick business cards, but cannot confirm. Sure, it may take more dirt than usual, but we could only put a small piece of paper with patience and could only insert one millimeter. Samsung could have done better, but not a serious problem.

 The Galaxy Note 4 is completely resistant to pressure and also very resistant to twisting. The plastic back cover has a leather design and can be removed. Under the cover are the replaceable battery and micro-SIM slots and memory card. The device, unfortunately, is not resistant to dust or water. Hopefully Galaxy Note 5 would be water resistant.

 The Galaxy Note 3 had a USB 3.0 port, but the Note 4 only supports standard USB 2.0. The port is used to transfer data to a computer and to recharge your smartphone. It also supports OTG and MHL. The microSD slot supports memory cards up to 128 GB. They can be used to store files and apps. Supports App2SD, so you can also launch apps from the card.