How To Fix The Virus Issues In My Computer

A week ago, my computer was snail slow, I had to wait for ages for each window to open up and creating a presentation for my office meeting was more painful than anything I can visibly imagine! I was literally, clueless of the reason since both my computer as well as the operating system was not too old! And what’s worse, I was running out of time to prepare the presentation and was on the verge of losing my job. However, a few tips and tricks bailed me out and I am sure these would help you too if you have a similar situation.

Further, investigations on my computers log file revealed that the slowness was attributed to some Virus or Malware that had crept into my system. Here is the approach adopted to cleanse the system:

How To Fix The Virus Issues In My Computer

Removing the Virus

  1. The first step is to protect your data and scan it offline. This is done by physically removing the hard disk and attaching it to another computer with an Antivirus program. This is because most viruses do not allow an Antivirus program to be installed if the computer is heavily infected.

  2. The next step is to use powerful Antivirus, Antimalware and Antispyware programs to scan and remove the viruses to perfection.

  3. The scanning needs to be conducted in safe mode and all the essential data is to be carefully backed up.

  4. The scan should include a root-kit scan, a thorough check of my startup programs, a check for keyloggers and Adwares.

  5. A pre boot scan is also needed to be conducted by to doubly ensure that all the viruses are cleaned.

  6. Once the viruses are removed, de-fragmentation of the hard disk and system files scan need to be carried out to restore sanity to the system.

Once this is done, the computer will work astonishingly fast and would feel as good as new.

In the event that all your endeavorsā€™ of cleaning the virus go in vain, then you can avail online window operating system support services. These agencies have expert technicians who can diagnose and resolve your virus issues on the fly!