How Technology Has Well Merged With The Real Estate Industry

How Technology Has Well Merged With The Real Estate Industry

Most of the real estate transactions in India are now influenced by internet and this percentage is expected to rise by more than 30 percent year on year. The technological advancements and the new evolutions have been done taking into account the need of the masses and therefore have merged well with the real estate industry –

Technology has brought the Trust Back in Property Dealings 

The evolution of technology has led to emergence of online real estate portal like, which is India’s leading web portal that facilitates buying, selling and renting of all real estate assets. It enables all its users to post free ads for real estate and helps them in each step of their transaction. Its team of executives also physically verifies all properties, examines their documents and takes real photographs before posting them for sale or rent on its website. All properties listed on its site are thus 100 percent verified and genuine. 

How Technology Has Well Merged With The Real Estate Industry, as a company has a wide user range which includes common men, retail investors, institutional investors, small and mid-sized builders, property agents and some of the most reputed developers of India. The properties posted by each of these stake holders are thoroughly scrutinized before going live and therefore there is hardly any chance of a fraud being committed. The end users are thus assured of the genuineness of the listings and can proceed with the transactions with complete ease and peace of mind. This has played a pivotal role in bringing back the trust factor in property dealings across India. Hence, if a thought of ‘sell my houses’ crosses your mind, you do not need to think twice before posting your house for sale on

The New Technological Evolutions have been User Friendly has played a key role in merging technology with the real estate industry. Its tech teams have come up with several tools and features over the last two years to make the online transaction more smooth and hassle-free. In addition to this, all of the evolutions have been done using the latest technologies and taking into account the need of common people. Some of the latest technologies like Slice View and 3D models of new projects, that this site has come up with have actually brought the people closer to reality. They do not necessarily have to do a site visit to book the flat. All information including the minutest of the property information is now available at one place with a click of mouse.

The progress in technology has also meant that people are now able to buy their dream homes at competitive prices and the scope of cash has also reduced considerably in real estate transactions. In addition to this, the online real estate portal like in collaboration with reputed real estate firms like Tata Housing, Brigade Group, etc., comes up with great offers from time to time, wherein buyers can get heavy discounts up to few lakh rupees on online booking of flats through this web portal. Plus, the purchasers are also able to book their dream homes in few thousand rupees. All in all, technology and real estate coming together is a win-win situation for developers and common people, alike.