Apple iPad Air 2: Overview

Apple iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 of the last year is going to be replaced soon with the new iPad Air Pro or iPad Air 3 with new iOS. And still, Air 2 is not yet old. It is one of the advanced tablets available in the market.

The design of the new tab is very similar to the first iPad Air but it is thinner and lighter. On other hand, in the first iPad Air miniature lever responsible for locking auto screen rotation. They are convenient to use, for example, when you are reading a book or watching a video, lying on its side, and rotate the screen contents in a horizontal (or video, vertical) orientation in the way. In the second iPad functionality of lever changed – now it turns off the sound from the tablet and lock the screen orientation accounted for through the settings. Now the lever, to which many are so used, not at all – apparently, Apple decided that the cost of developing it more thinner version 6.1-millimeter shell iPad Air 2 would simply be redundant. About the same place now “lives” one of the two microphones (the second is close to the camera) and automatic screen rotation on the new model can be done programmatically, through the “Control Center”. If you use the side switch to turn off the sound, the same effect can be achieved (as before), press holds for a second-half the volume down button.

One should not forget about the expanded range of colors: a gray-black and silver-white options and Apple has Added golden-white. And also on other hand iPad mini 3 – “younger” tablet now also available in three colors. The second and first tablet differ little in appearance, as in the older model, the fingerprint scanner Touch ID, built-in button “Home” is present. The sensor works same as that first appeared a year ago in the iPhone 5s. As for the smartphone, you can save up to 5 different “fingers”, and then unlock the device simply by pressing the “home”. In addition, using the Touch ID can be confirmed (instead of the password) purchase in the App Store or shop iTunes. Finally, in iOS 8 “fingerprint” function can be activated and third-party developers in their applications. For example, Touch ID can be used to enter the mobile client “Savings Bank” or for authorization in the password manager.

At the same time, we cannot say that the Touch ID will be relevant to all users of the tablet to the same extent as for smartphones. For example, activation of Touch ID cancels most convenient feature all sorts of Smart-covers – instant access to the screen of the tablet after opening the cover. Fold the cover, and then another to put a finger on the home button, it is not as convenient and fast as simply fold the cover. Let’s see with the new approaching iPad Air 3 release, Apple would improve this thing or not.