What Marketers Should Do After A Presentation Session?

By the time we have completed the presentation, we could have a bunch of new friends as potential customers introduce us to their friends and co-workers. In this situation, we should make use that everyone already has a sense of us. They could have more genuine interests in our products, especially if we have addressed their questions responsibly and openly.

This should allow us to let them know that we have their best interest at heart. We should assure customers that the outcomes will be all up to them. Some potential customers prefer to move slowly and in this situation, we could always feed them with fresh ideas, so we could achieve our goals of making them real customers.

What Marketers Should Do After A Presentation Session

However, we could be blessed with the fact that some potential customers want to move very fast. In this case, we need to keep and perhaps, even stay a step ahead by ensuring that we could provide everything necessary until they actually purchase our products or use or services. In any case, we should let them know that they can always count on us. Their expectations may change progressively, so we need to know things that they expect from us.

If possible, we could add new features and capabilities to our products that can better match unique requirements of our potential customers. This is especially true if our products are modular and easily modifiable, such as software.

Supervisors and bosses are also encouraged to instruct the marketing team and shed light on new developments of the company. This could allow them to make sure that the marketing team will be able to make a huge difference to the whole group.

After everything has been discussed, the natural next step would be to ask potential customers directly whether they are interested in our products. A favourable pattern would emerge when we start to talk openly with others. This could happen because we have established trust and we are moving toward the next level of partnership. A seasoned marketer would know the real different between encouraging customers at the perfect time and forcing people to do something, regardless of their resistance to our products.

The former should feel good for everyone and it will make potential customers more interested in doing business with us. It takes common sense, intuition and experience to know when a potential customer is really ready for the final step. We could do this if our encouragements properly align with their eagerness. Forcing our potential customers to hard can make things uncomfortable for both of us.

This is also the reason why some people become very resistant to our products and they could even openly despise our products. Good marketers won’t get people do something against their will. But, they shouldn’t also lose the opportunity when they sense excitement and interest from customers. This should be a perfect time to openly offer the product and ask whether they are interested in making a purchase

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