iPhone applications for the longest time have captured the essence of convenience and simplicity in the form and manner with which they help us navigate all aspects of our lives through the touch of an icon. Not only have they became an intrinsic part of our loves but our dependence on them to perform tasks seems to have grown into an addiction.


The SUSE to Go is one such application that has elicited excitement from those who run most of their lives through the comfort of the screens of their cell phones. Like many of the Novell Inc. sold applications the SUSE to Go is what you need to access information on your iPhone in a manner that is first reliable and convenient.

It derives its information from various platforms such as the Novell Open Audio and the SUSE Sales Talk making it a rich source of information on almost all subjects under the sun. This information comes in various formats such as audio podcasts, chalk talks webcasts, videos as well as documents in PDF, rtf ,doc or docx.


The current available version of application is version 2.3 and is compatible with i OS 3 or later versions of the iPhone operating system. It is also compatible with other Apple manufactured devices such as iPad or iPod touch making it more efficient to use.


The SUSE to Go iPhone application is downloadable on the iTunes store. So what are the technical requirements for one to be able to access the iTunes store in order to download SUSE to Go on your computer?

Windows Requirements

For one to access the i tunes store on a machine that uses the Windows operating system it has to have some specifics as outlined below;

The personal computer(PC) needs to have a 1 Ghz intel or AMD processor and 512 mega bytes of disk space.

Second its operating system must be either 32 bit editions of Windows Vista ,Windows 7 or Windows 8.

In case the PC uses the 64 bit versions of windows Vista, windows 7 or windows 8 then you will need a i tunes 64 bit installer to make the i tunes application work.

The PC also needs to have a free disk space of 400 MB and above.

Lastly you need either a broadband connection or a wireless connection to be able to access the i tunes store through the Internet.

Macintosh Requirements

Most of the requirements of a PC that can access the i tunes store don’t differ so much from those of one that uses windows.

First a Macintosh computer or device needs to have a powerful Intel processor

Besides this it requires the OS X version 10.7.5 or later versions and 400 MB available disk space.

Just as with the windows the i tunes store that is used to access the SUSE to Go does not work offline. You therefore require a broadband Internet connection or a wireless network such as Wi-Fi in order to access the i tunes store.


The SUSE to Go is an application that gives you the i phone user lots of advantages over other users of similar kinds of applications.

First the new version of SUSE to Go supports documents in multiple languages. You need not feel constrained to use the English version of a document. It has a localization budging that show you a language badge on a document next to the its English version when you are browsing on your phone.

Second it gives you then option to choose where the downloads are stored. This makes the viewing of downloaded documents easier and you can customize your storage of documents according to your needs.

Third with the SUSE to Go application you are able to access premium information by using your log in credentials

The added advantage is that the new version of this software allows you to add the forgot username or password to the set up menu. This makes it easier to access your account when you have a problem with either the username or password.

The new version also comes with many bug fixes for the recurrent problems of previous versions of the application.

With new iPhone 6 screen that is 5.5″ makes this application smartphone ready.


Besides delays in update of news sometimes, the SUSE to Go application is a great application.

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