OnePlus One: Overview and Performance

OnePlus One Black

OnePlus One launched as a flagship killer smartphone. And yes it is actually a flagship smartphone offered at very affordable price but not as cheap as smartphones of Xiaomi.

OnePlus is powered with the latest configuration including Snapdragon 801 processor, quad-cores frequency at 2.5GHz, 3GB RAM and full HD display. In short, it is complete package smartphone carrying all high-end smartphone profile things and yes everything comes at cheap price. Moreover, internal storage of 64GB is also impressive, but you don’t get microSD card slot.

The software of the phone is Cynogenmod powered android. Everything works really smooth. If we talk about Video playback, Full HD works with no brakes. And even videos 4K plays perfectly. However, a soft-decoder slightly retarding, but the hardware – no problem.

Screencast an Application that lets you record video in what is happening on the screen, and still can be applied voice comments. A very useful thing to create all sorts of demos and it works fine.

The upper level settings look like normal options of the fourth Android, but inside there are a lot of options not in the usual Android. Lock screen is highly configurable: there can include a variety of widgets. On-screen buttons can be mounted additional steps when you long press. Settings Notification panel: editing the form and a set of tiles fast switches. You can not only change screen button location, but also add the menu button and a small search button.

Is also very convenient thing – setting profiles, and here is not only the sound, then do a whole bunch of settings: the status of various types of wireless communications, applications and so on and so forth. Privacy fairly advanced: there is a limit access to personal data, encryption of SMS-messages, blacklists.

GPS starts quickly and confidently holds the signal of smartphone. To test various navigation software – GPS works as it should. In the camera app, shooting mode changes by swiping down from the top of the screen. The default setting is “Auto”. Right – change icon camera flash mode button quick settings and general settings. Bottom – button panorama, photography and video. As you can see, the camera is able to shoot in RAW (extension DNG).

In the video settings, you can select shooting modes and up to 4K (it can record 4096 x 2160), and codec and container. The camera somehow no icon looks like icon to the gallery, but you can call the gallery or flick gesture from the right edge of the display.

If we talk about the photo quality, in the dark, of course, great “noise” – are ISO 3100, but when exposed to 1/10 of a second no lubrication – so there is a stabilizer, although in the settings does not appear anywhere. The video quality is also excellent.

In general, the battery of OnePlus One is worse than the Huawei Ascend Mate 7, but it looks decent. Perhaps there still have to optimize power consumption. Well, it is just beginning for OnePlus in the Android world, we hope to see lots more from OnePlus in the coming months, if you are expecting next flagship to overcome the solutions like LG G5, iPhone 6S and Galaxy Note 5, then you might not be wrong.

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