Apple iPhone 7 With iOS 9: Future Of Apple

The first generation of apple with iOS was launched with 2G and past generation has been sold with 5S and 5G, now the people will expect a new future generation of Apple iPhone 7 with iOS 9. The developer plans to release a new Apple iPhone in future upcoming year around the globe market. Each and every Apple iPhone customer will expect this new generation to have a variety of features and specifications. This future generation will be offered high performance and clarity when compared to previous models. Usually, iPhone specs are top most spec in many countries, even Japan and United States. The overall review about the first generation to last generation is, this spec would be getting first place in every person’s heart. The specification, iOS version, application and features are more and more advanced when compared to others.

Release Date Of Apple iPhone 7

Usually, each and every Apple iPhone has been released with one year gap, this will say, the Apple would be releasing each year around the world market. The previous Apple iPhone device was released in the year of 2013, now the future Apple iPhone device will be released in 2015 or 2016, this is not yet confirmed, and just this is the assumption of iPhone users. No one knows the exact date about iPhone 7 with iOS 9. The Apple iPhone 6 was prices at £549, £709 and £629 price rate and those are having sixteen Giga Bytes, sixty four Giga Bytes and thirty two Giga Bytes respectively. The people will hope price amount of iPhone 7 lesser than present iPhone 6 price. Probably the previous models have been released in the month of July or September, in this way every customer could be expected this future generation releasing date in the month of September or July.

Future Generation Of Apple iPhone

The real fact about rumors are, this new generation will be having the latest and superior features, there is no doubt Apple iPhone will give disappoints to the customers. This future generation can be expected to have a curved shape with the flat square concept; this is the main mark of this iPhone 7 with iOS 9. This flexible display screen helps to prevent distortion and very sharper resolution. The developer can hope, this future iPhone will attract so many people. There is no doubt, Apple iPhone should run with iOS, so a new generation of iPhone 7 can run with iOS 9 features. The people will expect iPhone 7 with iOS 9 spec have a-9 chipset with 64 bit core processor, this can be offered a great experience for the customers regarding the apps and games. This may be having a variety of storage options like 64GB, 32GB, 128GB and 16GB, the rumors about the camera is, this device can have a 2MP High Display camera, this can give very clear and clarity of image. The Apple iPhone 7 with iOS 9 may be having display size like 5.5 inches.

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