Why We Should Wear Helmet During Sports Activities?

Studies have shown the importance of helmet during organized sports. Accidents could result in mild concussions, traumatic brain injury, long term disability and deaths. Many of these accidents are incurred during various sports activities. Skiing, cycling, football and ice hockey are types of sports that could induce various degrees of head injuries. Helmets should be fitted properly and worn at all times during a sporting activity. Helmets are designed to protect our head and this is especially important because they are effectively shock absorber during accelerated impact.

Good quality helmets should have polystyrene liner that can dissipate energy over a wide area. Researches show that helmets could reduce the possibility of injury during low-speed accidents. However, the quality of helmets could determine whether they are strong enough to withstand high-speed accidents. Cyclists typically need to move very fast during training and competitive events, so it is important for them to wear high quality helmets. Enforcing the use of helmets can be challenging among parents and coaches, especially when young children complain about discomfort when wearing them during hot, humid summer.

Skiing is a skill that needs to be learned and there are increased chances of injury among beginners, especially when they don’t wear helmets. During early instructional courses, new skiers should be given proper protective gears, because they are more likely to fall down or collide with something.

Insurance companies have provided warning about the risk of head injuries. However, many people who participate in sporting activities are not fully informed about the possible risks of head injuries. They often don’t read placards and they are reluctant to wear safety equipments, because others down wear them.

Sports should be a regular diversion for children, where they can engage in fun and positive exercises. They could do this during the vacation or when they are outside the school time. They key is to encourage children to enjoy their overall experience. It is important to make sure children obtain positive experiences. It doesn’t mean that they should be expert cyclists or skaters, but it is all about having positive social experience. In any case, it is important to learn to wear proper safety equipments. Coaches shouldn’t proceed if

Hockey, skiing and cycling are important physical activities, but it is more important for us to ensure that participants follow specific safety guidelines based on latest advances in the industry. Everyone involved should actively enforce not only the use of helmet, but a variety of other protective equipments, such as pads. These protective equipments shouldn’t only be worn during actual matches, but also basic training sessions; because beginners are also vulnerable to injuries. The overall safety of the sports could improve if we reduce incidents associated with head injuries. As safety improves, it is more likely for people to have more involvement in the world of sports. Sports should be a ways to achieve physical and mental fitness, so any unnecessary risk should be eliminated whenever possible.

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