All You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S7

All You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S7

Whenever there is a presence of the next device in the market, it shows the revolution in the Smartphone technology. The new device is more powerful, amazing and faster as compared to the previous ones. There are various Smartphone devices come into the market by different companies or manufacturers that amaze the geeks. This is because there is some internal news confirming that the engineers of the Samsung are examining the most interesting Smartphone device of the decade. This thing leads towards the existence of the next Galaxy S series Smartphone device, that is, Galaxy S7.

The company made public the Galaxy S5 in the month of April that has achieved a huge success. After its existence, the other companies such as LG, Sony and Apple have overcome the company with the release of high end Smartphone devices. Still, the S5 was not as amazing as it was supposed to be. For this, the Samsung fans are expecting some interesting and wonderful features in the next Smartphone device by the company. So, wait for this next device to see what the company will carry out for you.

Release Date

When the device will be released in the market? As the Galaxy S6 would enter into the marketplace in February 2014, the Galaxy S7 will get entered in the last quarter of the next year. There is a lot of competition and demand of the high end Smartphone’s that make them appeared in the market faster prior to the scheduling date.

All You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S7


If you are interested in knowing about the specifications of this device, definitely the company will bring some advanced hardware. According to the rumors, when this device will release, the trend of market will touch the high levels of hardware specs. It is expected to feature the 4 GB RAM in this device. The device will also run on the processor that will be clocked at the frequency of 3.X GHz.  The display screen will be 4k. Some features and specifications of this device, known as Galaxy S7 are mentioned below:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • True Octa Core 3.X GHz CPU
  • 20 megapixels ultra low light sensitivity sensor
  • Three-dimensional 4k resolution screen display or 26 bendable display that has 5.2’’
  • A mini projector
  • Ultra fast fingerprint sensor
  • Superfast charging battery

Price Range

There is no sense of making the discussions about the Samsung Galaxy S7 at this time. This is because the company sells its wide range of devices as hot cakes. The sale of Galaxy Note 4 is going good as it has high cost. It is expected that the price of the Note 4 definitely drops down to a certain level. But at this point of time, the users are expecting some little bit cheaper Smartphone as compared to the previous ones. Hopefully, the company will make the price of this upcoming device of the Galaxy S series cheaper as other manufacturers are doing in the marketplace, with the same set of specifications and features.

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