5 Ways Marketers Should Approach Potential Customers

There are methods marketers need to take when they plan to approach someone about their products and businesses. Here are things they need to do.

1. Don’t say anything about our products until we know whether the individual we are speaking has specific wants or needs. This is the only way to know whether we can really help them with our products.

2. Act as the resource for solution and purveyor of information. We should become trustworthy advisors who always customers’ best interests in mind.

3. Be less intimidating by asking potential customers about their requirements and current situations. We should let customers off the hook, so they can relax more and hopefully, talk more.

5 Ways Marketers Should Approach Potential Customers

4. Create effective conversations.

Good marketers tend to communicate and they don’t lecture. They frequently ask interesting questions to engage people in an effective discussion. One common mistake in any conversation is forgetting to ask questions and becoming more interested with the person we have conversation with.

Conversely, good communicators ask questions and they wait long enough until potential customers become more comfortable. Potential customers will start to nod their head in agreement during conversation and this should be a good time to start introducing our products and businesses.

5. Have a proper dialogue:

Once a dialogue begins, we should let potential customers know that we are listening to their words. This ensures that we would get things that we want that is they become interested in our products and finally become our customer. They would be interested in learning what our products can do.

Although they may not be interested today, they could refer people they know who may need our products and solutions. Any of these outcomes should be good for us. In the end, our aim is to let others know about our products, whether they actually need our products or not.

When talking with potential customers or prospective partners, we should listen to what they really need and try to understand them with our heart. Listening to their concerns and interests should guide us in knowing how to better serve them in the future.

We could try to guide the conversation towards the higher ground by adopting positive attitude, for example by saying how pleased we are with how the conversation goes today. We could convey to the potential customers that we are too attached to different outcomes. We could accept their positions and we appreciate their concerns. Obviously, they don’t have to make any decision today, but we could still keep them engaged.

We could always praise potential customers that they have excellent decisions and we are looking forward for further developments. By having their decisions validated, it is possible for us to move forward together. In fact, some potential customers could hesitant and sceptical, but they could become more comfortable after the conversation ends. If we hear an objection, we should tell them that it’s a terrific question.

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