Top 5 Facebook Features You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Facebook has made great effort to progress since it was first established and has updated itself frequently bringing about some new features and settings to keep up with the contemporary trends of which a recent trend also includes page owners vying to buy likes and FB fans. This aspect of Facebook to continuously develop and evolve itself may render some people oblivious to the new changes. Here are some not so widely known features of Facebook that you may have missed out.

1.  Friendship History

This feature helps reconnect with old memories and posts that you shared with your friends allowing you to access a timeline of photos, wall posts and messages that you may have exchanged with your special friend since you joined Facebook.

2.  Messages Via email

Another special feature offered by Facebook is the opportunity to send messages to your friend’s inbox via a personal email address (Gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc). The messages you send from your email account will be delivered to the recipient’s Facebook inbox in the normal Facebook message format with your profile picture, name and message.

3.  Nearby Friends 

Lately Facebook has introduced a new optional feature called ‘Nearby friends’ which can help you discover friends in your vicinity giving you the chance to meet up with them. The feature works two ways meaning both you and your friend should have the feature turned on. Once you turn on the Nearby Friends option you will be notified whenever a friend on your list is close by. It also gives you the choice to select who you want to be visible to(friends, acquaintances, specific list)

4.  Activity log

The activity log is a record of all the activities you have engaged in on Facebook since the beginning. It is a timeline of all the posts, likes, comments, photos and videos you have been involved with. You can access this log by clicking on the activity log tab on your profile page. You can also use it to edit and manage what is displayed on your timeline.

5.  Edit option

If you are bothered by spelling errors in your status or appalled by the wrong information you may have given out through your status, there is no need to delete the whole post. With the new edit icon (shaped like a pencil) you can easily modify any comments, status or information without having to rewrite a post.

These features though not very significant are still very useful to help manage your Facebook page more easily and represent the advances Facebook has made over the years.

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