The Expected Release Date And Specs Of Samsung Galaxy S7

There are different mobile or smartphone manufacturers in the world. Among others, Samsung is by far the most utilized mobile company in different parts of the world. The power of Samsung came, when they launched the Galaxy S series. This series is one of the most popular ones among the users all over the world. This is because the company always met the needs and expectations of their users by making hard efforts while creating the next flagship or smartphone device. Studies show that this series has sold more than 200 million units. This statistic is after the S5 was launched. It is clear that the upcoming devices are not included in this statistic such as Samsung Galaxy S7.

People started rumoring about the next device of the Galaxy S series to come to know more about its specifications and features. As anticipated, there is no official declaration from the company that reveals about the release of the next S series device. But it does not mean that the people stop rumoring about this upcoming device.

Release date for Samsung Galaxy S7

There is no official statement about the Galaxy S7 release date. The new device will possibly be going to launch in the initial quarter of 2016. The Apple is the big rival of the company. The company has taken this amount of time to launch its new device so that they can watch the efforts of its rival company and respond to any risks from it in an easy and aggressive manner. as the Apple has released its new iPhone device recently , but the users are not so much satisfied from this Apple’s new device. Definitely, there are chances, in which the dissatisfied users of Apple will try the Samsung devices in the future days to come. Hence, it is 2016 to watch out for the huge invention by the company after the Galaxy S6.

The Expected Release Date And Specs Of Samsung Galaxy S7

Expected Specs

There are lots of expected rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S7. Some expected specs are mentioned below:

  • As the 4 GB RAM is included in a laptop, but this time, you will see this capacity of storage in the smartphone device with the launch of this new device by Samsung. It is not a joke. This capacity of RAM will allow you in doing multiple tasks at the same time.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be going to feature the 128 GB of the internal memory. As it is the enhanced version of the S6, there are chances in which it will feature better specifications as compared to S6. It is expected that the company is spreading out the speculation of the huge internal memory to fool its competitors.
  • The device will run on the 64 bit Exynos processor. It will be going to be the first smartphone device to include this type of processor. The processing power will be a 3.5 GHZ to improve the speed of processor. With this specification, you can anticipate the fastest speed to take the pleasure of a smartphone.