Top Universities In Australia To Study Abroad

Top Universities in Australia to Study Abroad

Australia. There is not much else left to say really. You totally want to go, and you indeed should. The only tricky questions as with any other with study abroad venture- what regions of the nation do you want to see, and what do really want to achieve academically? There are unlimited opportunities to explore and learn in the Land Down Under. The country has 42 two universities but below is a narrowed list of the best among them based on amazing academic reputation, location and reviews:

Australian National University

ANU is located in the small city of Canberra and is indeed a reputable research university with a credible report ranking it at position 24 in the world among the best universities. Canberra city boasts a number of superb institutes and excellent museums to check out. The blistering dry summer heat and winter arctic temperatures will make you definitely enjoy the making new friends in an institution set in rural like environment.

University Of Melbourne:

University of Melbourne is situated in the heart of the Australian cultural capital, known for its abundance activities and nightlife activities for each study student here. With an array of endless profession sports events happening every weekend, quirky shopping and delicious foods, you will without doubt get something that you totally love. Be sure to check out the Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road not to forget the famous Bells Beach. This university is an excellent academic hub that has produced heroes and legends who continue to make the world a better place.

Top Universities in Australia to Study Abroad

The University Of New South Wales:

UNSW is located in Sydney and is indeed a world-renowned top academic institution. Given its location in Sydney where there is plenty of money to tap, students looking forward to interning while learning will definitely find it as the best option. You can also take advantage of the various cultural excursions here that enable you to experience Sydney with the locals, during your leisure time.

University Of Sydney:

The setting of University of Sydney is famous for unique Australian icons which include the Harbor Bridge, Bondi Beach and the Opera House. It is definitely the place to be if you want to experience a taste of Australian Tourism while still studying. The university is located just a short walking distance from the Central Business District. It is home to many international students and this together the with the city’s heavy population makes for an electric ambience.

University Of Tasmania:

Located in Hobart, near the Southwest National Park and the Airwalk on the Tasmania Island, The University of Tasmania is among the top university for study abroad students. If ecosystem or marine biology studies are a part of you, then this academic hub is for you. Some of the most welcoming and friendliest people in in the world are found on Tasmania Island, as well as verdant and lush forests that cover rolling hills and mountains. Summary Australia is the beautiful land of sandy beaches, great people, world class universities, delicious foods and people who understand how to party and relax. You are sure to have the best time of your life here, just don’t forget to have an appetite of adventure and acquire your Australian visa today.