Best Universities In Sri Lanka To Study Abroad

Best Universities In Sri Lanka To Study Abroad

Although most people do not consider universities in Sri Lanka when looking for institutions of higher learning, the country is home to some of the best educational universities in the region. Indeed, a number of reliable studies have suggested that Sri Lankan universities are well-placed to prepare students for their professional life. In addition, it is clear that the country has striven to ensure that it promotes quality education by building more universities. This has resulted in more prospective students looking for educational opportunities in the country. In fact, those who have studied in Sri Lankan universities say that the institutions offer an amazing student experience.

Best Universities In Sri Lanka To Study Abroad

Best Universities In Sri Lanka To Study Abroad:

A good number of international students has continued to research on the different universities in Sri Lanka. Depending on the academic discipline in which one is interested, students should choose the university that will best meet their needs.

University Of Colombo:

The University of Colombo is also referred to as Colombo University. As the name suggests, this public research institution is located in Colombo. At the same time, it is worth noting that a number of surveys have ranked the university as one of the best in South-East Asia. The university, which was founded in 1921, offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to both local and foreign students. The institution has been a leader of excellence in law, mathematics, computer science, literature and politics.

University Of Moratuwa:

The University of Moratuwa has earned a reputation of presenting students with much more than just academic opportunities. Indeed, the university is sought-after for the numerous social and cultural activities to which it exposes students. In line with this, there is no doubt that the institution is one of the best universities in Sri Lanka. Although it was established in 1972, the technological university admits a total of over four thousand undergraduate students and a little over five hundred postgraduate students.

University Of Ruhuna:

This public university was founded in 1978. Over the years, the university has been organized into seven faculties, with the faculties of engineering and medicine earning the institution high rankings. In fact, University of Ruhuna has been ranked as the third best university in Sri Lanka. While the library and research facilities give students an opportunity to learn, the quality sports facilities and student organizations fortify the learning environment.

University Of Peradeniya:

The University of Peradeniya is one of the oldest educational institutions in Sri Lanka. Having been established in 1942, the university has changed its name three times. However, the quality of education has continued to improve over the years, with the institution focusing more on fields related to medicine. Indeed, with a student population totalling over eleven thousand, students are bound to learn from each other and celebrate their diverse cultures.

University Of Sri Jayewardenepura:

The University of Jayewardenepura is located near the capital city of Sri Lanka. For those looking to study in Sri Lanka, they should pay attention to the surveys that have continuously ranked this institution among the best universities in the country.

All in all, every international student should remember that Sri Lanka is home to over thirty universities. More to this, all these universities are bound to offer challenging intellectual environments for all students. However, any international student who is keen on visiting or attending a university in Sri Lanka has to apply for their Sri Lanka visa in good time.