5 Ways Your Company Can Go Paperless That You Might Not Consider

5 Ways Your Company Can Go Paperless That You Might Not Consider

Going paperless is a convenience of modern technology that nearly any business with the capability to do so should consider. Most businesses do, in fact, have the capability to benefit from a paperless workplace, but they simply are not aware of some of the easy ways to do so. This simple and handy guide of five ways companies can go paperless is designed to change that. Each of these five solutions are not unrealistically difficult to implement, and they can make a world of difference for any business.

1. Paperless Billing

Paying bills online prevents so many business annoyances. A few obvious examples include postage issues, problems with the mail and increased waiting periods. Plus, employees will be thrilled to get paid faster and easier through a paperless system!

2. Paperless Note Taking

Instead of cluttering up an office desk taking notes by hand, try using any number of popular apps and software solutions for taking notes. Plus, leaving interviews with a jumbled bunch of notes is a mess. Taking notes electronically, by contrast, is clean and efficient.

3. Paperless File Sharing and Storage

For storing large amounts of files, again consider using software and apps. Today’s technology allows files to be stored, shared and sent all while being grouped in an organized manner. Simply put, this storage solution saves time, effort and is environmentally friendly to boot!

5 Ways Your Company Can Go Paperless That You Might Not Consider

4. Paperless Scanning and Faxing

Too many companies still print and fax the paper way despite efficient digital solutions. Apps can now scan documents with a smartphone and email them as a PDF file. Further, faxes can be received and sent as digital emails into an inbox cheaply through online software as well! Now is the perfect time, pun intended, to save time, resources, office space and money by switching to a digital solution!

5. Paperless Accounting

Finally, paperless accounting is a huge benefit in and of itself. Should compliance and regulatory organizations come calling, any business would be thankful it made a switch to paperless accounting! ADP.com is a company that offers all kinds of services from being able to procure to pay to a variety of large business services. This is just one of many different options out there that offer different ways to help your company go paperless.

5 Ways Your Company Can Go Paperless That You Might Not Consider

So, there you have it. These five changes can help any business on the path to paperless. Benefits of going paperless can include:

Faster customer service since everything can be accessed electronically
Improved employee efficiency with a network of shared electronic documents
Precious time is saved due to electronic efficiency

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