How To Bring Big Growth To A Small Business! Using A Motivational Business Speaker

How To Bring Big Growth To A Small Business! Using A Motivational Business Speaker

So the speech has ended, and your business speaker who specializes in motivating employees has the left the stage … now what? How do you take that inspirational message you heard, and turn it into business solutions? 

Below are the 3 key elements you need, in order to grow your small business into a lean, mean, successful machine!

#1: Protect The Spark!

During and after the motivational business speech, a spark was ignited that awakened something inside of you and gave you a hopeful outlook.

Write down what exact words impacted you the most, then put those words in a place where you can read them every day. Make it your daily affirmation!

Internationally recognized author and speaker Jones Loflin is a great example of his words being a daily inspiration. He said: “You are growing something everyday. What grows and how it grows is up to you.”  

How To Bring Big Growth To A Small Business! Using A Motivational Business Speaker

#2: Map Your Destination

You know where you want to go, but you aren’t exactly sure how to get there. Fortunately, the motivational business speaker gave you some direction. All you need to do now is pick the best route for you to reach your desired destination.  So write down your ultimate goal, then write down what you would need to do to achieve it.

Once you identify what you want for your business, you begin to hold yourself accountable. But a goal isn’t real until it is quantified, so make sure you write down:

  • The amount of money you hope to earn
  • How many work hours you need to cut or add
  • How many employees you need to cut or add

Whatever you quantify, remember maps are about details, so make sure your details are clearly drawn.

#3 Measure Your Morale

Small businesses often have employees with big personalities, especially since there are usually a fewer number of workers. And depending on how everyone interacts, this can be a good, or bad attribute.

Take measurement of the happiness at your company. Happathon Project founder and awesome keynote speaker John C. Havens says:

“Be Proactive—By identifying the behaviors that define our purpose and increase our well-being, we’ll be more inspired to help others as a means of spreading the happiness we’ve discovered for ourselves.”

The next time you go hear a business speaker with an inspiring message, don’t let it go to waste. Be proactive! Apply these 3 elements to your small business and make the big changes you always wanted!

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