A Short Guide To The Field Of Human Resources

A Short Guide To The Field Of Human Resources

Individuals willing to work as human resource managers need to have certain qualifications to excel in their career. Preferably an MBA degree with specialization in human resource is essential for grabbing a human resource managerial job. However, a mere degree is not all. Read on to know more.

HR Managers/Personnel – Job Descriptions

HR managers usually work as middlemen between corporate leadership and employees. In any organization, they are the individuals responsible for keeping up relations between employer and employee and ensure that the workers remain happy. Amongst other aspects, their responsibilities also include recruitment, retrenchment, dealing with benefits and compensation issues, implementing and clarifying in-house policies, training, and listening to employee complaints.

Owing to the intensive social nature of the task, human resource managers should be expert communicators and they should also be capable of balancing competing interests and evolve solutions. Human resource managers oversee all employees within an organization. In the matter of implementing state and federal laws HR managers play a great role. They also ensure that the company policies are being followed in a proper manner and obtain staffs on board in respect to change initiatives.

A Short Guide To The Field Of Human Resources

What Qualifications are required to become a HR Personnel?

For becoming a human resource professional you will have to study about mainly labour relations. Other knowledge which a HR manager should possess includes Economics, Psychology or English; knowledge about management and accounting can also be very effective for carrying out HR jobs. Ideal places to look for part-time or introductory work include organizations with number of HR employees or HR firms. Consulting career counsellors at undergraduate level institution for internship programs is also a god idea – whether you are searching for a HR job in Delhi or a HR job in Kolkata. A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in human resources, a master’s in labour relations would serve a better purpose for human resources job. You should also concentrate on structure of the organization, dispute resolution and bargaining. Salary packages range from INR 4 lakhs to INR 13 lakhs per annum depending upon the organization and position of the employee.

Securing a Job in Human Resources

You may utilize your connections from your internship, college or graduate program or look out for general vacancy listings for positions which are open. You should learn about organizational analysis, recruitment, negotiation, training, compensation and staff welfare since you would require broad knowledge about these if you wish to become a HR manager. Apart from being experts in human resources, managers should be adept in overseeing large employees and running the departments.

After obtaining a degree in HR, you may choose from various options to work for. From an HR Consultant to International HR Expert career path in Human Resources are ample.

How do you go about Applying for HR Positions?

In the event you like to apply for the chief position of human resource in your application, this may need some sort of attention for preparing your resume. This is necessary as the post of HR head for which you are applying for has to manage the task of recruiting staffs for the organization which you are wishing to get in. Apart from that, the HR chief has to perform the duties of overseeing employee relations, training and performance evaluation. It should be noted also that when an individual prepares her or his resume for applying for the post of human resource chief, the superiors would primarily verify about the credential such as work experience and education necessary for the post.

They would also be very critical in the matter of scrutinizing the submitted resume. Usually for applying to the chief post of human resources your resume should be good in appearance and organized. Nevertheless, a significant aspect of applying for the job is responding to the requirements of the organization and being careful about the credentials. Few experts in the sector are of the opinion that roles of managers (personnel) have changed with the passage of time.

On a final note, it can be said that, jobs as HR head are ample and a career path in the field is bound to be successful.