The Role Of Overseas Education In Australia

The Role Of Overseas Education In Australia

Overseas Education

It is a dream shared by a number of students worldwide to pursue further studies in a country other than their own. Mostly students who travel to these countries have completed their first degree program and wish to continue to master’s level.

Financial aid has been made available by various organizations around the world. Full or partial scholarships are awarded to high performing students. The main goal of this initiative is to ensure that these students achieve their dreams.

Students who wish to study in these countries are required to apply for visas. In the case of the United States, upon successful application, students are required to fill the esta usa form. It should be filled prior to traveling to the states.

Education In Australia

States in Australia are mainly responsible for education. The governments regulate funding of both private and public schools in their respective states. For tertiary education, the federal government plays the role of funding. This facilitates the smooth running of the day to day activities of the universities.

Australia holds a reputation of having one of the best education systems in the world. The programs offered are internationally recognized. Statistically, Australia hosts a huge number of students drawn from around the globe. Seven of the world’s top one hundred tertiary institutions are found in Australia. This explains why there is a large number of international students in Australia.

The Role Of Overseas Education In Australia

Education System Structure

There are three levels of education in Australia. The primary, the secondary and tertiary levels. Categories of schools in Australia include catholic schools, private schools commonly known as independent schools and government schools also known as public schools.

A large percentage of students in Australia attend public schools. Depending on the school, students are required to wear uniforms or follow a certain dress code. The school calendar runs from January to December with the longest holidays being the summer holidays.

Why Study In Australia

· Australian education brings about cultural diversity. The interaction of people from different places brings about intellectual growth. .

· At tertiary level, students are given the priority to choose what to study. Australian universities have a variety of reputable courses. This ensures that all students are catered for. Not only are the courses reputable but they are also unique.

· Students in Australia enjoy the privilege of studying and having a part time job at the same time. There are restrictions to the kind of jobs to be done but many students see this as a way of making some extra pocket money. For one to get a job, his or her visa is supposed to be valid.

· Australian education serves as an example to other education systems in the world. Their education is held in high esteem and respected internationally. The policies in Australia ensure that students develop skills in virtually all spheres of life.

· A wide variety of employment opportunities. With the reputation held by this country worldwide, grandaunts are sought after by worthy employers. Some of them directly recruit their workforce from Australian universities.Australia ensures that students who choose to study here are marketable internationally.