Best Smartphone Apps Of 2014

Best Smartphone Apps Of 2014

With a boom in the smartphone market, and more people using apps to aid them with everyday activities, countless new apps are being developed every year. This year, it’s only February, and quite a few remarkable smartphone apps have already rolled in. Here is a list of the best of these for the app junkies.

Best Smartphone Apps Of 2014


This is a user-friendly, clutter-free app for planning and managing tasks. It features a ton of high-end features including speech recognition, cloud sync, snooze function, alerts, widgets, notes and auto complete. The design is beautiful and makes for a unique user experience. You can share your lists and tasks with peers. This could easily be your first choice of a planning app.

  • Hassle Me:

This is a fun app that practically hassles you to get things done. If you are the type who forgets tasks easily, or the procrastinating type, Hassle Me is a must have for you. It will remind you to finish incomplete tasks and to take up any little every day chore that you must perform. The layout is simple and you can choose how many times you would like to be hassled. A quick pop up notification in the live tile reminds you of outstanding stuff to be done. Hassle Me is a quick, simple app that can prove to be really helpful in your everyday life.

  • Calendar 5:

This iOS calendar app is designed to fit in seamlessly with the translucent design of the iOS interface. It manages tasks and events. The natural language useful feature makes it unique. To create a task, all you need to do is type the task (“Meet John for dinner”, for example) and the app will automatically create the to-do item for the right time. Quick to-do lists are also created, widening the scope of the app. Calendar 5 is one of the best calendar apps out there, and easily a highlight among the 2014 app offerings.

  • Pulse:

This is a news app from LinkedIn. If you like to keep up with current affairs on your smartphone, and would like to customize your experience, this is the app for you. Pulse makes it easy to explore professional news articles, and even share them on social networks of your choice. On signing in to your LinkedIn account, you can even sync all the stories that you have read or want to refer to later. You can also save articles and discuss what’s happening with professionals around the globe.

  • MyFitnessPal:

The MyFitnessPal app offers a calorie counter to aid in the process of losing weight fast and easily. Your entries for exercise and food will be quick. The food database offered by the app is humongous, making it one of the most efficient fitness apps.

It’s just been two months and the year had already put forth a sizeable number of offering on the app market. Smartphone junkies are sure hoping for yet more. Meanwhile, why don’t you get started with the ones listed?

Author Bio: Jacika Posener is an educationist and a dictionary app specialist. She writes primarily on mobile learning topics.