Top 4 Careers Your College Doesn’t Teach You About

Top 4 Careers Your College Doesn't Teach You About

When you’re getting near to finishing your college course (and indeed, your time in further education), the pressure can increase because now it’s time to show everyone what you’re made of by finding an interesting and well-paid job. Though most end up opting for the same few hundred careers, there are actually lots of more fascinating employment solutions out there for people who’re willing to think outside the box and aim a little higher for a change. So, don’t simply head down to your local marketing company just yet; there’s probably something much more enjoyable just around the corner.

So, as you can probably tell, today I’m going to talk you through some stable career choices I find to be extremely intriguing. All of the ideas I mention usually provide jobs-for-life for anyone who finds themselves employed in the role. With this in mind, if you fancy standing out from the crowd and seeking out the most unique opportunities out there, read on…

Top 4 Careers Your College Doesn't Teach You About

1 – Embalmer

You’ll never hear your teachers talking about what it takes to become an embalmer, probably because there’s somewhat of a taboo around anything to do with death. Still, if you’re looking for something with ultimate job security and you don’t mind hanging around with the odd corpse, this could be the perfect form of employment to pursue. Most embalmers earn somewhere between $28,000 and $40,000 per year too, so you’ll be doing a little better than some of your other associated. It just comes down to how strong your stomach is.

2 – Personal Shopper

You wouldn’t think it was possible to earn a good wage buying clothes and other items for your employer, but this is become a more common practice in the world today, so you’d be mad now to try it out. Obviously, wages will depend on how good you are at doing the job and how wealthy your employer is, but just to give you some idea; I found a few people online who get paid upwards of $70,000 per year just for shopping. Not bad eh?

3 – Marine Surveyor

You’ve heard of land surveyors before, right? Well, I’ll bet you didn’t know companies use the same kind of skills for assessing landscapes underneath streams, rivers and the sea. The firms that specialise in marine engineering services use various pieces of technology to assess what’s under the water and help to fix things like piers and anything with a sub-water foundation. As far as wages go, it’s hard to tell, but most probably earn somewhere in the region of $90,000.

4 – Ice Cream Taster

Though you probably didn’t realize it, all top ice cream companies employ people to perform quality checks on their product, and there’s no better way of doing that than having a taste. Sure. you might put on a few pounds if you opt for a career like this, but with an annual pay packet of over $56,000, who cares?

So there you have it my friends. Hopefully, after reading through those slightly unusual career choices you’ll be more inclined to find something more interesting over the next few months. Good luck with the job search!