The Value Of .com and .net Names- Domain Valuation


Domain valuation is an important tool for determining the value of your domain name. The value or worth of a domain name will help in decision making as to whether to buy or sell a domain name and at how much. So many sites offer domain appraisal or valuation services. One of these sites is This site instantly gives you the value of your site using cutting-edge technology.

By now, most people know the value of a .com domain name. These domain names have been sold for so much money and are considered the most marketable. They are so popular making it difficult to find one that matches your brand name. This has then led to the invention of weird or funny domain names such as

The Value Of .com and .net Names- Domain Valuation

There many factors to consider when selecting a domain name. These will help you to increase the worth of your domain name. Some of the important factors to consider are branding and SEO. Others are such as keywords and content. Building on your content will make your domain name more valuable.

A good .NET name will satisfy these considerations because they have been around for a longer time. It is better to get a .NET name that is short and memorable than a long awkward .COM name.

If you are after the SEO value of your website, it is advisable to get a domain name that is rich in keywords. Researching on Google can give you an idea of the most popular keyword searches that can help you come up with a valuable domain name. A keyword rich domain name will improve the rankings of a website on Google search. Your website must however provide relevant content.

By valuing your domain name using the various valuing tools such as, you will be able to use your website to grow your business. You could also have different websites that target different groups of people to offer specific products or services. By finding a good .COM or .NET name, you are good to go.

Panda and penguin can also be of great help even if your domain name is keyword rich. With these, you can give your customers information on what you deal with instead of spending lots of time figuring out what to say. This efficiency will help increase the value of your site.

The main focus of ensuring that your site has a high value is ensuring that it is easily accessible and provides relevant information. Putting in effort to ensure that your site is in good condition will increase its search engine rankings and also its value. These will help you be better placed than your competitors.

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