Why Radio Advertising Is Still One Of The Best Ways To Reach A Local, Targeted Audience

Why Radio Advertising Is Still One Of The Best Ways To Reach A Local, Targeted Audience

For local advertising, the radio can still be your best bet for reaching your target audience. There are a few reasons why a radio advertising audience can be a great option.

Easy-to-Target Demographics

When you advertise on a particular radio station you are reaching a certain subset of the population. Since most radio stations cater to a specific genre, it is easier for you to pinpoint which stations to advertise on so you can get the most advertising bang for your buck.

For example, if your company sells cowboy boots, advertising on a country music radio station is the way to go because it is likely that a large number of the listeners are the type to buy cowboy boots.

If your run a Bed & Breakfast and you advertise on an easy listening radio station it is likely that you will target couples that would love to have a romantic B&B getaway. Radio allows you to reach a more specific audience than you could reach through TV or newspaper ads, especially on a local level.

Why Radio Advertising Is Still One Of The Best Ways To Reach A Local, Targeted Audience

High Number of Listeners

Millions of people a day listen to the radio in their car. It can make the ride to work a little less dull, the ride home from work a little more enjoyable, and helps pass the time on a country drive. This means if you advertise on radio you are practically guaranteed to reach a large amount of people in your area.

TV advertising is not effective because people usually either skip through commercials or use them as an excuse to make a cup of tea or take a loo break. People who are listening to the radio in their car can’t just walk away from it.

You Can Reward Locals

Radio ads that advertise a free product or service people can get are very popular on a local level. If your company runs a promotion offering a free oil change with the purchase of new tyres, more people are likely to come to your company to take advantage of this deal.

These kinds of advertisements don’t work as well in any other medium as they do on the radio. They can be very helpful in attracting locals who may drive past a company after hearing something about it out of sheer curiosity. You’re far more likely to attract someone on a local level than on a national level.

Though many companies frown when marketers mention radio advertising these days it is one of the best options for advertising. Even small businesses can take advantage of it. Radio advertising doesn’t involve the on-going commitment that advertising via social media does. Many local businesses find it much easier to purchase radio ads and have them air at times when the highest number of people are listening to the radio.

For more ideas on radio, advertising and why it works so well on the local level, contact Space & Time. Radio advertisements a great way to target local audiences in any town.