Predictions For Augmented Reality In 2014

One of the newest and most cutting-edge functions of smartphones in the upcoming year is “augmented reality” and it combines views of the real world with digital enhancements. It can provide information on a variety of subjects and connect your real world with digital facts and tips.

Many are predicting the implementation of Augmented Reality on smartphones will begin taking over the world. Already nearly 20% of smartphones are Augmented Reality enabled, and that number is predicted to grow to 25% by 2014. Whether you are an Android user, an iPhone fan, or using a tablet, Augmented Reality apps can enhance your digital experience to be more interactive and educational.

Predictions For Augmented Reality In 2014

Top Augmented Reality Apps

There are many different Augmented Reality apps for your various devices that serve different functions. One of the most popular is AcrossAir which enables you to locate different businesses simply by holding your smartphone up on the street and directing it towards different buildings (business names and info will pop up at each specific location).

Another popular AR app is Google Goggles which recognizes landmarks, businesses, products, and various other images through technology that recognizes images. Utilizing the Google search engine, Google Goggles will give you information on millions of items and locations simply by directing your phone at a certain item/building.

One of the newest and most exciting options for AR apps is a coupon application. A leading distributor of coupons and online deals, Valpak Mobile App, has invested in an Augmented Reality app to enable users to combine technology with coupon deals in ways that surpass desktop computer accessibility.

Valpak Mobile App

Coupon provider Valpak has been in the “mobile app” game for some time now, and is switching to a more interactive option. Rather than provide lists of coupons and brand names that offer them, Valpak is beginning to integrate augmented reality features into its mobile app.

Before venturing into the AR app service, Valpak mailed geographic-specific coupons to users and customized the coupon envelopes to each subscriber shopping habits and what was available to them. Once mobile apps took the nation by storm, Valpak joined in and enabled users to search for coupons through their smartphones and use them at chosen locations. Now that Augmented Reality apps are the new “thing”, followers of the company are connected to coupons suited for them in a much more apparent way.

Users that download and utilize the Valpak mobile app can input their location for coupons that are available near them. These coupons can be used by scanning them directly from their mobile phone or using a coupon code. Additionally, when using the AR function of the app, wherever a user is standing the app will locate and display a visual for coupons available within walking distance.

Studies are showing a decrease in the company’s website usage from desktop computers and an increase in mobile use. The same thing is happening for most companies around the globe lately. By increasing accessibility, the company is profiting on making themselves available at the right moment for customers.

With the Valpak mobile app, users can find coupons and deals while they are out shopping or while they are in line waiting to pay rather than having to plan ahead of time at their home and on a computer. Users can access great deals available to them wherever they may be at that very moment.


Augmented Reality is going to grow exponentially in the next year and will start to be a part in our everyday life before too long. With AR apps becoming more and more available to everybody, companies can begin offering their coupons to every family with a smartphone or tablet and spread the deals that can help pay the lowest prices on everyday essentials (and some not-so-essentials).