Best Brochure Printing Tips For Your Business

Everyone is aware of the importance of brochures. They are considered the everlasting marketing tool available for any type of business. Many people had the misconception that with the use of internet as a medium of marketing business products and services, the charm of printing brochures and flyers will end. This has not happened. The brochures are still being used as an effective way of communication by making the customers aware of what you are offering. These brochures are not just effective but also economical.

Are you about to give an order for your company’s brochure? Before you do anything, take a look at some of the useful tips for getting the best business brochure printed.

Best Brochure Printing Tips For Your Business


Most of the people choose inappropriate size for the brochures. This is a common mistake, which can turn out to be quite difficult to rectify. If the size of the layout is 8.5×11 and you want the design to be printed on 8×10 sheets then the layout must be reduced. This will ruin the resolution of the print. Get the standard size for the layout and the design so that you don’t have to compromise on anything.

Leaving Extra Space

Do you know how these brochures are printed? Usually the print outs are taken on large sheets, which later cut down into brochures. Blades are used for cutting each unit. If by mistake the design of the brochure is expanded beyond the page borders even to a little extent then the pieces might have ink all over when the blades will cut the brochures. This can be a waste of money as well as time. It would be best to design the brochure with 1/8 inch extra space beyond each border to avoid such problems.

Best Brochure Printing Tips For Your Business


The resolution of the brochure matters a lot.  Higher resolution means a higher quality. Keep in mind that the images should not look blur. Sometimes when you view the image on your computer, it seems perfect but when it gets printed, everything becomes blur. 72 dpi will be alright for a computer screen but when a professional brochure will be printed with such resolution then it will seem really very insufficient. If the resolution is bad, the customers will not like the brochure at all and there are chances that they might throw it away.

Paper Quality

Selection of the paper matters a lot. Here again the quality of the paper will depict the quality of your business. If the paper is cheap, it will never make a good impression at all. Thus, the paper should have a matte or glossy finish.  If you will use heavy paper, it will look professional. Clients will feel good to hold a high quality page and this will make you different from your competitors.  When dark colors will be a part of your brochure, it will look glossy anyways. But make sure there are no smudges on the paper.

Best Brochure Printing Tips For Your Business

Originality & Creativity

Originality and creativity will be an integral part of your brochure.  You will be using your brochure to communicate with your audience on the behalf of your business. You can get an idea by looking at what your competitors are doing for their promotions. Every page of the brochure will be important. The first cover will be noticed by the individuals in the first glimpse. If it is appealing, they might choose to pick up your company’s brochure from the shelf.

Just because a brochure is bigger than a flyer, it does not mean that you can freely add useless information. Make sure that you keep the brochure precise too. It must not include irrelevant information. Too many images and less content will not be good. Similarly, too much content and fewer images will not be good as well. You need to make sure that everything in the brochure is consistent.

Hiring a reputed company for brochure printing can be useful. The quality of your brochure will depend on the company you hire for brochure printing. An experienced company can do the work in an accurate way leaving the clients much satisfied. Professionals like can help you regarding printing the brochures of your company. This cost effective way of marketing will prove to be very much effective.

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