8 Ways Your Kitchen Is Going Digital

8 Ways Your Kitchen Is Going Digital

Think your kitchen is no place for high-tech gear? Think again: A multitude of innovations have brought digital devices into the kitchen where they are slowly changing the way that we bake, measure, and heat. If you want to make your kitchen sleeker and more intelligent, look into these modern twists on traditional cooking tools.

1. Recipe Apps:

It is difficult to pin down any specific recipe app, because so many excellent versions exist. Pick out your favorite cooking show, site or cookbook, and chances are good they have an app version filled with recipes for you to use. The old-fashioned cookbook is quickly becoming a thing of the past, replaced by faster tablets or smartphones filled with measurement converters, pictures, and step-by-step videos or voice commands to help you out. These apps can also be updated with a wireless connection, which means receive plenty of new recipes without having to buy a new book. There’s really no reason (except a little nostalgia) to keep using the old books.

2. Stands for Your Tablet:

Don’t worry about getting your mobile devices covered with flour or sauce – as recipes apps have grown common, devices to support your tablet have also hit the market. Thanks to a variety of stands and hooks, your tablet now has a place amidst your counters and drawers. Suspend the screen from your shelves. Dangle it from a kitchen hook. Prop it up on your counter. Wherever you like to see your tablet, there is a stand or frame option out there for you. But it might still be a good idea to wipe off your hands before touching it.

8 Ways Your Kitchen Is Going Digital

3. Smart Fridges:

Much has been made of smart refrigerators like Samsung’s LED fridge a plethora of other options. For now these fridges all function in basically the same way. They let you access music or texts remotely. They have software they lets you keep track of your food inventory so you know when to buy more. They can even advise you on how to eat more healthy food and when expiration dates for certain foods are up. As these fridges become more affordable, except to see these features grow more common.

4. Remote Coffeemakers:

Remote coffeemakers function in a couple different ways. Some tap into your WiFi system so you can control them remotely through your phone, setting up easy Web-based schedules and turning them on or off at will. The other option is voice recognition devices that let you stumble around your kitchen in the early hours and give voice commands to your coffeemaker instead of trying to fumble for buttons. These devices allow you to program coffee-making schedules with your voice, too.

5. High-Tech Faucets:

The humble faucet is also getting a high-tech makeover thanks to numerous sensor advances. Some versions, such as Delta’s Touch2O faucets, turn on with a simple touch anywhere on the faucet, which is speedy and helps keep them clean. Other faucets have motion detectors that turn on when you pass your hands under them, another trick for busy chefs or people who enjoy playing with the faucet of the future.

6. Temperature Control Devices:

Temperature control devices let you program in very specific temperatures to heat (or cool) foods and keep them at the right temperature. The Krups BeerTender keeps your beer at just the right chill point, while new induction burners and electric kettles can control heat with amazing precision based on your inputs.

7. Wireless Thermometers:

Devices like the iGrill have gotten plenty of attention for revolutionizing heat monitoring. Stick these thermometers into your steak, turkey or other dish, and they will send automatic temperature updates to your phone so you can monitor internal temperatures no matter where you are.

8. Scientific Kitchen Scales:

The latest kitchen scales look like they belong in a chemistry lab, with LCD readouts that judge weights by the tiniest fraction and keep continuous track of measurements as you add new ingredients.

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