Useful Information About Mobile Services

Useful Information About Mobile Services

I lost everything. I have no backup. I should reformat and no backup or it is from years ago. Those are phrases mean traumatic and total despair user to a contingency. The longer going to be our story in our smart phone more are the files that accumulate and as household furniture comes a time when we did not reach the rooms to find it. But just as there are storage spaces or common systems of data stores in our cell phone.

Mobile phone data backup is a wireless service that saves a copy of your device’s phonebook on a secure website. If lost, stolen, damaged or you replace the appliance, Backup service restores your saved address book into a new device wirelessly. Using service you can:

•           Daily backup schedule

•           Store your information manually or automatically

•           Login to your account online Backup Assistant and full access to your address book.

•           View, print, add, delete and edit contacts online and send the changes to your device with a single click

Mobile services or mobiilipalvelut allow a person to create secure and scalable backend for iOS, Android and Windows apps. This allows a person to accelerate apps development by offering turnkey ways to push notifications, authenticate users and structure storage. With the SDK’s and a flexible and powerful REST API, the services let a person develop connected applications for any platforms you would like as well as deliver consistent experiences across mobile devices. Other functions that the services can be used for include:

Useful Information About Mobile Services

Storing Data in the Cloud and Authenticating users

The services give a person a straightforward way of storing data in the cloud using third party data services, table storage, blob storage or Windows Azure SQL database. Mobile services or mobiilipalvelut can also used to eliminate the need to write, configure as well as test the custom authentication systems. This is done simply by copying the app ID and Secret for Twitter, Facebook, Google account or Microsoft to authenticate the users using a few lines of the code.

Send Push Notifications

To send push notifications, all you need to do is upload the developer credentials for the platform and simply typing push.gcm. send for Android, push.apns for iOS and so forth. It is also possible to connect to various Notifications Hubs in order to broadcast push notifications to numerous devices across a variety of famous platforms.

Monitor, Alert and Preview (auto scale)

Mobile services or mobiilipalvelut also allow a person to understand the health of the applications better. This is because they allow you to monitor the availability and health of the applications using health metrics dashboard. It is possible to set up alert rules where you will be notified when the service availability has been degraded. They also allow a person to configure their applications so that they scale up or down to match the demands while at the same time minimizing costs through auto scale rules.

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