Top Tools and Software To Help Drive Your Social Media Efforts

Top Tools and Software To Help Drive Your Social Media Efforts

Social media runs the world. No longer are the days of website-less businesses and if they don’t have a website, they are missing out on profits every day. Just like any business, social media companies need marketing strategies to see their vision is coming alive. Here is a list of some of the marketing tips for social media.

The more common sites for marketing tools have been Google Analytics and Facebook Insights data. While they are both great assets, there have been more popping up that are gaining success.

One of the products simple to Facebook Insights data is LikeAlyzer. It evaluates your Facebook pages and gives a score out of 100. Not only does it provide information, but also makes recommendations and suggestions.

Top Tools and Software To Help Drive Your Social Media Efforts

One of the other resources is Shoutlet. It is an enterprise social marketing platform that offers social media resources such as: webinars, events, and white papers. It is basically a downloadable guide. One of their most recent articles is “an intro to real-time marketing on twitter” and is very easy to find. There are dozens of articles available and all of them are insightful and timely. Their next scheduled event will be help in Nashville, TN beginning November 18th.

MediaFunnel is another online resource for social media marketing.  They provide ways to discover how your brand is communicated online, connect you with your audience and help drive more content flow. An option that a lot of sites use now is time release marketing. This means tweets or Facebook posts will post at specific times and are determined by when the most traffic is happening. You can also control when posts happen by setting up your own schedule, and this could mean aligning posts with events, or even with special deals that may be happening.

Hubspot is great social media software that is used for all of your business’s inbound marketing tracking. This software allows you to schedule social media posts out on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. It also allows you to track the amount of blog subscribers and contacts you receive from landing page offers you’re creating. This allows you to nurture any leads that come through the software with phone calls or email follow ups.

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