Getting Married In India? Try Facebook and Pinterest

You’ve got to move with the times. And times point towards the advent of social media networks for wedding planning. Marriages in India are now planned with the help of social media, especially Facebook and Pinterest. This rush of wave that hit soon changed into a Tsunami when Facebook and Pinterest became popular among wedding planners. Of course, other social media networks are also involved in this, but these are the best, so far.

Try Facebook and Pinterest

If you are planning to get married in India, then you can use these networks to get inspired. Plenty of brides-to-be share their ideas and you can draw from them, of course with modifications to suit your circumstances. For example, you are in search for the perfect wedding dress and you found one to your liking. However, it is located far from your hometown and they charge too much for shipping it to your home. With the help of social media, you can easily contact a local vendor who will design such a dress for you at a much lower cost, perhaps. The reach you get with the social media for getting married in India is thus far and wide.

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How Facebook and similar networks can help you

When it is your wedding, you have to plan your guest list and not leave out a single person. When you leave someone out (of course, you do it unintentionally) you get bad vibes from them. That person might take it personal, not even waiting to think that it was not on purpose. It happens all the time. Facebook can really help you in such situations. It can help you reach out to people who lives quite far away and whose addresses are unknown to you. You can finalise the guest list by looking at the people you know in Facebook and whom you want to attend your wedding. Make your Facebook wedding private page, so people who aren’t invited wouldn’t see it and grumble. It will also be a nice thing to privatise if you have not finalized the guest list for getting married in India.

Pinterest too can be of major use when it comes to getting married in India. Right from wording your wedding invitation to catering (food and drink) ideas and stage decoration themes, you can garner a lot of information from this media and pin it up. Once you feel you have had enough, you can send it out to concerned vendors so they can look through them and have an idea of what you expect from them. Too many ideas can make you indecisive, so collect only those ideas that may be applicable to your wedding. There is another good thing to sharing your wedding details through social media sites. You will get suggestions, you can share ideas and you can remain connected to other people who are planning to get married in India.

Thus, Facebook and Pinterest are great wedding planners, enabling you to plan for the day when you will be united with your love.