YouTube and Yahoo Opens Up for Better Technology Features

Internet giants YouTube and search engine Yahoo come with a big surprise to internet users. In the most recent technology updates, the two websites are recently developing certain advancements which allow them to dominate the web. Executives from both companies have found the need for revisions necessary to address the complaints and views of their users.

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Yahoo in Japan develops an internet search feature that uses voice activation technology to link the search engine to a printer. The printer is believed to be three-dimensional in order to function well. Users who are going to enjoy this development are bound to search for blueprints to deliver a few solid objects in just a short period of time. Yahoo will then explore the internet to look for information that can be printed in palm-sized rings.

The two devices are expected to use pieces of information through 3D objects and will gradually deposit layers of fine material like carbon, metal and plastic in order to build a reliable copy.

Although fears for the emergence of home-built weapons have been clarified by Yahoo, it has already also been emphasized by the company that such technological breakthrough will not be commercialized. The project was further introduced to a school catering to visually impaired and blind students. This is just on a temporary basis which the recipients can use for free until the month of October.

On the other hand, YouTube is now going to employ two kinds of technological progress – one is for revamped comments feeds and the other is for offline video viewing capacities of internet users. The revamp on comments feature will allow uploaders to use new tools that will help them review the comments before they can be posted and viewed by the world. The tools are also capable of blocking a few words and save time in conducting approvals for comments from fans.

The technological change was due to the fact that this video-sharing site has been hailed by Wired magazine as the home to the worst comment in the internet. Furthermore, the magazine describes the posts as idiotic, nonsensical, racist and cruel. Because a lot more people are geared to finding YouTube comments are barely literate, the site has made its positive action through the comments features renovation. Moreover, YouTube also introduces another feature which allows the viewing of videos even without internet connection. The feature will let users enjoy video sharing even in offline mode.

Through the new transformations on these two sites, users are definitely going to enjoy more online activities through their personal computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets. Continuous innovations are indeed apparent as social networking sites and the internet have been proven to be the main source of influences for internet fans.

Experts have fears entailed with these developments such that they continuously advise internet surfers to uphold responsible social media use all the time. Inasmuch as the search engines and websites are looking for ways to improve services, users are reminded to use these improvements for greater advantage.