Why You Should Have Cloud Based Email Preservation

cloud based email preservation

Email has revolutionized communications worldwide. It has become so vital, personal and business relationships would seem impossible to conduct without it. However, the need to have ready access to historic email files far exceeds our need for its paper counterparts of just a generation ago. And considering that email has the capacity of attachment of files of just about every electronic type of text, graphics, databases, voice and music, video, etc, the storage capacity of our email volume has grown to critical mass.

Unfortunately, storage of email data, because its volume is so great, has become a drag on the efficiency of our local computer systems as well as local and remote servers. Couple that with the need of assurance that our email data storage remain secure from invasion and corruption, whether deliberate or circumstantial, the economies and efficiencies of local or direct remote physical storage are making us rethink these traditional storage means.

Why You Should Have Cloud Based Email Preservation

It remains and becomes increasingly critical that our email files are able to be stored with integrity and security, and yet be easily accessible, searched with efficiency and opened and attached to new outbound email transmissions as needed while protecting the integrity of the original file. The significant answer to these needs is cloud based email preservation.

Cloud based email preservation offers the facility of economic, technically superior, retrievable, scalable storage capacity.

Cloud based email preservation offers a number of benefits over other storage methods:

One of the best features of a cloud-based storage/retrieval system is that no additional hardware or software is required to load on existing servers. Therefore, no additional server drag is experienced, regardless of the scale of email retention volume.

The protocol of preservation is not limited to a specific number of mailboxes or volume of storage in any given mailbox. Both are scalable to meet the needs of the company or individual.

The security of cloud based email preservation is also scalable and will assure that access to email does not interfere with the integrity of email files.

Should a company or individual move their physical location, regardless of the new location, their access to the cloud remains unchanged and uncorrupted.

Access, retrieval and re-storage of a complete file is seamless with other system operations just as if the email data were stored within the company or individual’s resident system. This access includes remote access should a company representative or an individual have need of access from a remote location.

Email attachment links remain an integral part of email preservation in the cloud, so there is no fear of De-coupling of any file attachment.

Should backup of email preservation be a concern, it is easily accommodated to be certain that in the event a cloud-based server is somehow corrupted, a backup storage would still be available.

There is little doubt that one of the best email preservation systems to employ for security, integrity, ease of access and elimination of local server efficiency is to employ cloud based email preservation.

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