Top 5 Interview Mistakes Millennials Make

Top 5 Interview Mistakes Millennials Make

If you are an older worker there is good news for you –you have an amazing advantage over the younger crowd. Research indicates that companies are three times more likely to hire a worker over the age of 50! For the millennials –or people born between 1981 and 2000 –the news isn’t quite so well.

What’s the problem with millennials? According to managers of many major companies, they worry about the level of commitment of the person, their reliability and whether or not they will have the professionalism and knowledge to represent the company appropriately. A lack of interview skills is also cited as a reason for failure to hire individuals within this age bracket.

Does this mean that millennials are just out of luck? Well, not exactly, but it does mean the 31 –and under age group is going to need to work harder to land that job.

Top 5 Interview Mistakes Millennials Make

This starts with the interview.

We’re here to help. Take a look at a 5 tips to help millennials handle the interview with ease and make the company want them.

1. Wear the Right Clothing

Many people are unaware they are even wearing the wrong attire to the interview –but they are! Even if you feel that you’re a bit overdressed, go ahead and primp it up. It is better to over impress than under impress.

At the same time, remember that you’re not going to a fashion show, so avoid the fashionable, loud and large jewelry pieces, plunging necklines with revealing chests, skirts and dresses that are too short, and flat shoes.

2. Social Media Fails

Social media is just that –social media. This means it can be accessed by almost anyone, even if all of your setting are marked to private. And many time managers are checking you out on these pages. If they don’t like what they see, whether it is cursing or inappropriate photos, chances are they will keep looking when it is time to fill the position. Remember that professionalism is first and foremost when in the job market.

3. Your Company Does What?

Have you researched the company and the position that you are interested in filling? No, this is not brown-nosing, and by doing your research of the company you will have a better understanding of what they are looking for in an employee, as well as the ways that you will be able to give this to them. Sure, it will impress the employee, and this is because they know you can help their team. Do not forsake this bit of information!

4. No Questions, No Interest

Almost every interview ends with ‘do you have any questions?’ and most people respond with a no. However, according to recent surveys, this no is signaling a lack of interest in the company, even if you are simply just nervous or found out everything you needed to know at the time.

5. Overconfidence

It is great to be confident in yourself but overconfidence is not. Many managers site that overconfidence is common in millennials. Boast about your accomplishment, but focus more on those that are specific and tailored to that position.

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