The Ambiguity Of Social Networks: The Puzzle Private Pro-Life

The Ambiguity Of Social Networks The Puzzle Private Pro-Life

We all know Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, youtube and other magical tools that the Internet has developed in recent years. We love sharing what we do every day; we love to find out what our friends, share contacts daily. But there is a question that comes up regularly and I am still asked me this morning what tools for what purpose? And quickly diverted to this question: what tools to use for what my pro-life or my personal life or both?

I often repeat: I am only one person. It is also for this reason that I decided not to have more than one Facebook account. Since I deleted my FB account pro, so I change my enjoys diffusion between Public, Friends and Friends except knowledge. So I have my friends who bitch because I put tons of links to my proactivity, I pro contacts who tell me: “you filter all the time so how you really know?”

The Ambiguity Of Social Networks The Puzzle Private Pro-Life

In contrast to Facebook, I have two YouTube accounts: one for the pro when in fact it does not happen much and another where I saw the full video experience. I watch clips, humorous videos, and videos on technical innovations…

In parallel, Twitter does not have any problem! Strange is not it? Because I’ve never asked the question. Twitter is obviously for the pro side but let’s send private messages from time to time but not too much.

For some time, I am again interested in Google+ and Pinterest to try to make more profit. And every time the question comes to me will I use this social network for work or my privacy? I do specialize more as social network use and privacy as other activities in my pro? I should really make a distinction?

Here are my findings users:

– Facebook:

Definitely the tool I use for all my private communications. This is where I have more friends and people in my family, so it is quite normal that my use is found marked in the private side.

– Twitter:

My favorite tool for my pro-activity. Even if I “tweet” sometimes themes rather under my privacy, a large majority of my contacts are pro. I must have some “followers” of my family, but we do not communicate a lot and I think it’s my fault because (unconsciously?) I do not want to mix pro-life and privacy! Hard for me, especially when I say I am a single person, right?

– Pinterest:

For me, it is a marketing tool and I do not know why, I can only take my mind that this is a tool for luxury. Still, I’m looking how to have a pro activity above (computer graphics, CGI presentation …). Personal side, I’m having to look at beautiful pictures, some nice graphics … By cons, I’m not sure to go as much as on other social networks available.

– Google+:

Real competitor to Facebook in theory and professional practice for me. I find that pro contacts above, I only followed by pro contacts. I have a few people in my family or friends, but so rare that I forget to post personal messages. So for my part, I do not use this time to share that HR subjects, techno innovations…

– YouTube:

YouTube particular enough experience on my side. I’m a fan of that music, offset videos, me pushing my teams to make more videos for more virilities … and yet I could not make myself a true religion. Do I have a pro account and a personal account? What have I got to hide? I’ll soon settle and move on the subject.

– Instagram:

Sharing pictures is really great. But I want to show vacation photos with everyone? There is funny is that on Instagram I have a lot of pro and few personal contacts. I also know and the lives of my colleagues, partners … and to be honest, I even know more things in their lives compared to some of my friends. Strange concept. And yet I love taking pictures and sharing them. I suggest you to buy real instagram followers as one for the magical tip. It will also be necessary that I decide on that side.

In fact, the real debate private life / pro life are how we live our user experience.