Tablets and Smart Phones Harbor More Bacteria and Germs

Tablets and almost all kinds of smart phones are now proven to contain more germs as compared to what can be found on toilet seats. Routine swab tests have proven that there are hazardous levels of bacteria and germs in most technologies. One device was found out to contain 60 units of the bacteria known as staphylococcus aureus that is responsible in causing food intoxication and poisoning. This was compared to the 20 units of the said bacteria that was found in a toilet seat installed in a commercial office.

Tablets and Smart Phones Harbor More Bacteria and Germs

Moreover, there are about 140 units of Staphylococcus found on certain smart phones and about 480 units which are embedded on the acquired keyboards. According to the test interpretations, these incidents can be directly rooted to the hectic lifestyles of those who are using these technologies. Eating while typing and even rushing to the toilet during breaks are unhealthy habits that lead to the thriving of these elements in the different parts of electronic devices.

Smart Phones are Dirtiest

Another studiy has been conducted proving that smart phones are most likely to cause illnesses to a person’s body. If you are going to analyze, these are pieces of technologies that always comes near the body’s openings which are the eyes, mouth, noise and warm pockets. The American Academy of Family Physicians has revealed a shocking result on the bacterial content of these products. Those infectious contents on smart phones are known to cause diarrhea and fly.

Much worse is the revelations that most cellular phones in a typical Chicago commercial setting contain very high number of coliform bacteria which is an indicator of fecal matter existing on the devices.

Smart Phones, Radiation and Other Health Concerns

The World Health Organization further warned the public about health concerns that could emerge from the use of phones. The radiation emitted by cellular phones is most likely to be carcinogenic. This can lead to brain tumors developed from cell phones. And when smart phones are being replaced by iPods and other listening devices, the problem now reaches the ears.

If a person uses these players for 15 hours every week he has more chances of developing hearing issues. In reality, the human ear can only tolerate a considerable amount of noise which is already exceeded when one spends more than ten hours a day listening to music. The problems begin when the sensory cells become overworked and die. They leave scar tissue behind which results to dissipating hearing and errant hum. The experts are recommending that listeners will only have to spend 90 minutes every day listening to music with ear phones on at a volume of about eighty percent.

Dirty or not, harmful or harmless, technology has been proven to be both boon and bane. For man to truly benefit from these developments, it is important that we know how to use them at moderate frequencies. Abusive usage and irresponsible habits can lead to further problems. Technology could not be blamed for man’s health deterioration because man himself can control and protect himself from any hazards with moderate and proper use of technology.