Studying Abroad In Berlin: The Highlights

Education and travel often prove to be a remarkably valuable combination, with significant academic benefits. Anything from a school trip of a few days to a term of studying abroad can yield great results, thanks to the broadened horizons and new challenges that travelling can bring. With its sterling reputation as a city of learning, Berlin has plenty to offer students. It is a renowned hub of art, culture and technology, with outstanding universities, fantastic museums, and a seemingly endless range of cultural activities and attractions to choose from, all of which make it perfect for students of any age to enhance their learning and expand their knowledge. Read on for an introduction to the highlights of this fantastically student-friendly city.

Studying Abroad In Berlin: The Highlights

800 Years of History

Perhaps the one area in which Berlin particularly stands out among other destinations for school visits or studying abroad is its history. This is a city that has seen more than its share of dramatic changes in the 800 years since its founding. A thriving cultural centre in Medieval Europe, it went on to become a highly respected university city in the 19th century, before living through the incredible events of the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War. Today, it is the legacy of the 20th century that is most obviously apparent, with much of the city’s earlier heritage destroyed by allied forces. The stamp of these earlier eras on the city can still be found in certain quarters, however, and The Story of Berlin, an interactive museum dedicated to bringing the whole of the city’s past to life, is the perfect way to gain a holistic view of Berlin’s past.

A City of Students

A city of famous universities and successful colleges, it is hardly surprising that Berlin is a well-loved choice of destination when it comes to studying abroad. Its youthful and lively ambience means that students from any educational tier will quickly feel at home and never be at a loss for something to see or do. As well as enjoying the city’s cutting-edge arts and culture, visiting students have plenty of opportunities to relax and explore the more laid-back side of Berlin, with its stylish shopping districts and fantastic food.

Art Inspiration 

For art students planning on studying abroad, any destination can provide ample inspiration, but few are more celebrated for their artistic prowess than Berlin. As well as being home to over 400 galleries, including some of Europe’s finest, it has also been a key location for iconic artists and art movements over the last few centuries, including the Bahaus architectural movement. For art museums, the classic art in the Kulturforum and the contemporary works in the Hamburger Bahnhof are well worth seeing.

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