Starting A Business During Studies

Starting A Business During Studies

By Simon Rogers

Everyone knows the major success stories when it comes to starting a business during studies. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg started Microsoft and Facebook respectively while at university, but are they good examples to follow? Is it wise to start a business while at university? Here are three ways in which being at university is a perfect environment for business start-ups.

Starting A Business During Studies

Take Advantage of the Creative Atmosphere

Business people pay good money to access seminars and listen to leaders of their field. In essence, they are paying to have access to knowledge because they know that it is in this type of atmosphere that innovation thrives.

This is not to say that business should be your main focus, but why let all that inspiration go to waste? Furthermore, a business venture will put you in touch with that daunting place called the “real world” and will equip you with very important skills for when you graduate.

You will find that whether you are doing an art or business management degree, you will not be at a loss for ideas. You may see a better way of doing things or potentially stumble upon a novel product. To add, friends and acquaintances will be equipped to see what you see and will be able to assist or join you in your venture – this is not often the case in most social circles where people are on a different path to you.

Converting Social Time into Money

Essay writing service websites agree that even the most studious will have plenty of spare time during university. This is time that could be utilised to start up a business. Mark Zuckerberg is the most outstanding example of this. Not only did he start a business, he started one which aimed to make his social time more efficient. Facebook was the outcome of Zuckerberg addressing an issue which all students come up against: keeping connected and sharing interests.

There probably won’t be another Facebook, which transferred outside of university and into people’s lives in spectacular fashion, but there are other ways in which your immediate environment might inspire you to create a venture which will not only pay towards your university fees but will keep going once your studies are finished.

Your social time will be spent (hopefully) doing things that interest you and are related to your studies. It could only be a small step in monetize these, without, of course, compromising your values.

Ideas for your Studies

The connection with the world of business can also impact positively on your studies. If your business venture is intimately connected with your area of study, you might find that your experiences have a direct impact on a research question or your coursework. In fact, wouldn’t it be a perfect scenario if your business venture was directly related? You might, for instance, start a research company as an anthropologist, or a small studio as a musician.

This is the essence of apprenticeships where theory is impacted on by experiential learning. There’s no reason why your university experience can’t foster the same ethos. Remember, however, to stay true to your interests and not to lose focus on your ultimate goal: graduating.

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