Review of Bwin Sports App

The Bwin Sports app is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms. For the purposes of this review, the app was tested on every one of these platforms and suffice to say that is definitely among the better sports apps available, if not the best.

Getting started

Although you do not need to register for a Bwin account on to use the app, you will certainly need to do so in order to take full advantage of its impressive array of features.

Registration is easy and may be done entirely through your mobile device on the Bwin website. If you are new to Bwin, then you are eligible to claim a free bet up to £20 – bonus!

That said, without an account, you may still use the app to check odds, fixtures and scores, all of which are brought to you live, but where is the fun in that? The whole point of checking odds is to prepare to make the right betting choice.
You can download the Bwin Sports app for iPhone or iPad on the iTunes website. Alternatively, the Android version of the app can be found on the Google Play store.

In use

The app performs at its best on the iPhone and iPad, although the Android version is almost as good. The app has a simple, yet effective layout that is pleasing to the eye. The app itself loads quickly and, after having been put through rigorous tests over a number of hours, it didn’t crash once.

The app provides users with live updates about matches they’ve put money. This feature is essential for mobile betting, especially for those who don’t always have access to a computer or television to check up on their results.

The app allows users to place single or multiple bets on the full range of Bwin’s impressive betting portfolio.