Is Nursing A Fail-Safe Career Option?

Is Nursing A Fail-Safe Career Option?

As the country struggles to work its way out of the recession, many people find themselves re-evaluating their career choices. Many individuals are even using the recession as a time to return to school to earn a degree in a field that has greater job security and more earning potential. One field that will always be relevant is the medical field. However, there are positions in the medical field that are more secure than others. If you are considering a career in nursing, or are currently a nurse and wondering if it is a fail-safe career option, take a look at the information below.

Is Nursing A Fail-Safe Career Option?

Nurses Are Needed Across Many Medical Fields

Nursing is a profession that is needed across many medical fields. Nurses are needed in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, operating rooms, emergency rooms, doctors’ offices, and special care facilities. As a nurse you may find that you prefer working with one specialized area more than others. For example you may enjoy working with children and prefer to work for a pediatrician or on the pediatric floor of a hospital.

Jobs as a Visiting Nurse

If you prefer to work more one-on-one with your patients, or if you enjoy working independently, you might consider the role of a visiting nurse. Most visiting nurses are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) who work in conjunction with a general care physician. APRNs are hired to provide in-home medical attention to patients that are housebound. A patient can be housebound because they have been in an accident, are suffering from a terminal illness, have mobility issues, are aging, or are undergoing in-home hospice care. APRNs can do things like taking vitals, delivering prescriptions, trimming toenails, administering and monitoring medications, filling pill boxes, and managing hospice care. This is of great value to patients who are housebound or have difficulty leaving the house.

Everyone Gets Sick

Everyone will get sick from time to time, and nurses are needed to provide the hands-on care that physicians do not provide. Because of this, there is an even greater demand for nurses than there is for physicians. For example, at hospitals with multiple doctors who make rounds to their patients throughout the hospital while maintaining their office hours. However, multiple nurses and CNAs are needed to provide hourly, round-the-clock care. Many patients feel a greater connection to their nurses then they do their physicians because they spend more time with a nurse then they do with a physician.

The Nursing Field Has Earning Potential

Not only is the nursing field stable, but Registered Nurses (RNs) make an average of $64,000 per year. Nurses can make more as they move into management, gain seniority, or work in specialized fields of care. Nurses who obtain an APRN have increased earning potential.

Generally speaking, nursing is one of the most secure positions in the medical filed. That is not to say that there will not be cities or sectors of the nursing industry that are struggling financially, causing many medical facilities to close. Though a nurse may need to travel to where the work is, nurses will always be in demand somewhere.


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